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With Sundog, you’ve found more than a creative agency, ad shop or software development firm. You’ve found a hybrid of innovative experts to strengthen your brand, grow revenues, create seamless integration and revolutionize your insights and analytics.

But at the heart of it all? You’ve found a partner who’ll solve your toughest problems and most complex projects.

Let us help you put your customers front and center. Take you inside their journey. Transform your relationships. And ultimately make YOU a hero.

Sound good? Let's get started.

Recent Posts

In the last blog post I described the Infusionsoft API and how to get an access token.  In this blog post I will show one example on how to use that access token to make an Infusionsoft API call.

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Do you need to call the Infusionsoft API from Salesforce?  Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Getting a value from between XML tags can be done with some pretty simply string manipulation, but what about getting an attribute value?

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Upserts do not work with generic sObjects, but you can basically do a couple more loops to have the same effect.

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