Fargo, ND – Sundog, Inc. – a Fargo-based marketing and technology company – hires Mike Daugherty.

Fargo, ND – Sundog, Inc. – a Fargo-based marketing and technology company – hires Andrew Erovick.

Fargo, ND – Sundog, Inc. – a Fargo-based marketing and technology company – hires Jon Kitzman, Jena LaPlante and Katie Schalow.

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April 17, 2015: Tiffanie Honeyman posted a blog entry titled 5 Tips: Holistic Approach to Paid Media.

Media has become fragmented and complex. But the good news? That actually can work in your favor.

Long gone are the days of pouring marketing dollars over masses of unsegmented audiences and budget waste. Because there’s a simple truth: marketers no longer drive the buying process. Consumers do. Say hello to marketing efficiency and giving consumers the reins. Your customers decide what they want to buy and detest irrelevant ads that get in the way.

So how do you effectively market online – at the right time and place?

April 16, 2015: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Salesforce: The Secret to Tracking User Adoption.

How are you measuring user adoption in Salesforce? Can you use Google Analytics to do it? Good news – absolutely.

Picture it. The big moment has arrived. You’re so excited about rolling out Salesforce to your users. Months of hard work have been spent getting ready for this day, and you know your users are going to love the new features. You have every “t” crossed and “I” dotted. And then your boss asks you to simply prove that the user adoption of Salesforce has been successful. Not by anecdotes or by the numbers of records in a given object, but by how the users are interacting with Salesforce.

April 15, 2015: Sundog: The Podcast 062 - Content Strategy was posted in Sundog: The Podcast.

April 6, 2015: Dani Krolak posted a blog entry titled SUNDOG SPOTLIGHT: KATIE.

She’s a familiar face to many, but she’s broken through her intern roots and is now a fulltime ‘Dogger! And if you need another reason to love her, this girl’s got design speed (and a foot made of half cadaver bone, but that’s neither here nor there). We’re talking about none other than, Katie Schalow.

April 3, 2015: Jen Thompson posted a blog entry titled 7 Reasons Why UX Matters.

Maybe you gave up on ordering that gift online because the checkout process was a hassle. Maybe you tried to schedule a doctor appointment, but the clinic’s website wasn’t mobile-friendly. Or maybe your wine shipment exploded because the overnight temp was -25°, and then you couldn’t find customer service info online.

Sound familiar? (Ok, minus the -25° part? We love living in Fargo anyway.)

Here’s my point: frustration is the common denominator. And that emotional response is exactly why user experience (UX) is so vital.

Wait, what is UX – really? Well, it measures a person’s behavior and feelings when interacting with a brand or product across platforms. It involves research, technical architecture, usability testing and much more. It’s complex. But the reasons why it’s so important? Those are actually pretty simple.

March 31, 2015: Tiffanie Honeyman posted a blog entry titled 4 Simple Steps to Measure Marketing Results.

Marketing doesn’t have to be unpredictable. It’s no secret customers base their buying decisions on their experiences. And since online experiences are a huge part of that equation, it’s more important than ever to invest in analytics – and measure the real impact on your bottom line.

March 30, 2015: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled The Beginner’s Guide to Security Review for Platform Setup.

Proper security setup and configuration is extremely important. If you pick the wrong tools, wrong configuration or wrong integration, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

One of my favorite sayings as a football coach is, “The game is talking to you. Are you listening?” With football, the way the opponent lines up will give you specific cues about what they intend to do. Your platform is talking to you in the same way. It’s calling out for integrations over here, simplifications over there or consolidations in the server room (if you still have one).

When listening to your platform, there are consistent areas to examine to define your key priorities and direction, as well as ensure you have a strong platform that’s manageable and scalable.

March 30, 2015: Heidi Haaven posted a blog entry titled Your Customer Experiences = Your Brand.

Branding isn’t only about logo specifications, fonts and color pallets. Are those elements important for consistency? Absolutely. But what’s more important? Creating a seamless, personalized experience for your customers across multiple touchpoints and channels.

March 27, 2015: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Focus on Branded Apps Fades, Shifts Toward Mobile Partnerships.

Apps, apps, apps! Everybody wants an app. What if I were to say, “You don’t need an app!”? Would you think I was crazy? The reason is simple. What you really need is a mobile strategy. This strategy may very well involve your own branded app, but it may not.

March 24, 2015: The position Director of Marketing Strategy was posted in Careers.

March 12, 2015: Dani Krolak posted a blog entry titled SUNDOG SPOTLIGHT: JENA.

This lady sure knows how to bring energy to her team and the rest of 5th floor! But when she’s not in design mode, she’s a national Ground Water Guardian for an organization that stresses on water conservation. Meet Jena LaPlante:

February 25, 2015: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Call the Infusionsoft API from Salesforce - Part II.

In the last blog post I described the Infusionsoft API and how to get an access token.  In this blog post I will show one example on how to use that access token to make an Infusionsoft API call.

February 25, 2015: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Call the Infusionsoft API from Salesforce.

Do you need to call the Infusionsoft API from Salesforce?  Here are some ideas to get you started.

February 25, 2015: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Getting an Attribute Value from XML - Salesforce.

Getting a value from between XML tags can be done with some pretty simply string manipulation, but what about getting an attribute value?

February 25, 2015: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Upserts with Generic sObjects - Salesforce.

Upserts do not work with generic sObjects, but you can basically do a couple more loops to have the same effect.

February 25, 2015: Dean Froslie posted a blog entry titled Is Your Content Unique?.

Too often, organizations clutter their channels with content that offers the same-old guidance, tips, tools and topics. They fail to capture their brand’s unique value proposition, voice and niche.

February 6, 2015: Dean Froslie posted a white paper titled BEYOND THE STYLE STANDARDS: BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH CONTENT.

Content creators – and writers, I’m mostly talking about us – are a quirky, obsessive bunch.

Most of us naturally fixate on the nuances of language. We squabble over Oxford commas. We get feisty about style manuals. We debate the necessity of one space or two after sentences (and show our age in the process).

Our employers and clients add more layers of paranoia. We strive to conquer company style. We learn the brand standards. We balance the varied (and sometimes contradictory) views of stakeholders. We anxiously juggle deadlines, budgets and processes.

When we master these areas, we treat them like badges we’ve earned. We display them on our resumes. We’re endorsed for them on LinkedIn. Along the way, however, we may lose sight of why our content exists:

Content builds relationships.
Relationships are built on trust.
Trust drives revenue.

-Andrew Davis

February 4, 2015: Dani Krolak posted a blog entry titled SUNDOG SPOTLIGHT: AMY.

The spotlights are making a comeback and it’s this Minneapolis gal’s birthday week! What better way to celebrate than throwing Amy Crews in the spotlight.

January 30, 2015: Susanna Oliver posted a blog entry titled What email clients should I test on?.

The email landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years. Two years ago, Outlook was still holding on to 20% of the market share despite mobile’s increasing influence. Now, Outlook is down to 9% and Gmail has doubled its popularity to 16% of the market share.

January 29, 2015: Susanna Oliver posted a white paper titled RESPONSIVE EMAIL DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT.

Mobile devices permeate every aspect of our lives. They are our telephones, our connection to friends, our fitness coaches, our on-the-go entertainment system, and in some ways, even our health experts. They are in airports, in waiting rooms, in the workplace, and in our homes. And everywhere, people are checking their email. So why not deliver emails meant for people on the go? Why not deliver content that engages them in their unique situations? Mobile devices account for over 50% of email traffic, no surprise given that users refer to their smartphones 150 times a day on average.