Sundog, a marketing and technology company with offices in three cities, has entered a strategic partnership with Schermer, a business-to-business brand experience agency in Minneapolis.

Fargo, ND – Sundog, Inc. – a Fargo-based marketing and technology company – has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for the third consecutive year.

Fargo, ND – Sundog, Inc. – a Fargo-based marketing and technology company – announces their interns for the Summer Internship Program.

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October 12, 2014: Jen Thompson posted a blog entry titled #DF14 Basecamp: What You Can Expect (Part 2).

Coffee. Cocktails. A free Fitbit while supplies last. And interesting conversation with some of the coolest people you’ll meet at Dreamforce.

Can’t wait? Neither can we.

October 7, 2014: Heidi Haaven posted a blog entry titled #DF14 Basecamp: What you can Expect (Part 1).

If you’ve been to Dreamforce before, you know the feeling: never-ending lines for coffee, a bazillion people waiting to get into keynotes and an overwhelming amount of information coming at you from all angles. The good news: this year Sundog has you covered at Basecamp where you can put your feet up, relax and recharge with coffee, cocktails and more.

October 3, 2014: Alyssa Greve posted a blog entry titled Keeping up with the Trends at Dreamforce.

Whether you are attending Dreamforce or not, social media allows us to connect with others at the event. Watch keynotes, product announcements and more from your computer or connect with those around you.  I’ll share you some of the top ways you can stay connected with Dreamforce this year. I’ll also give you an inside look at how we plan to manage all of the social conversations and engage as a brand.

September 30, 2014: Lynlee Espeseth posted a blog entry titled The Cult Of A Brand, And Why Common Sense Might Not Matter.

Since Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, there has been a lot of commentary from other phone manufacturers that Apple is simply copying their larger phones, their capabilities, and, essentially, their technology.

September 30, 2014: Sundog: The Podcast 061 - Dreamforce 2014 Preview was posted in Sundog: The Podcast.

September 30, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Another Dreamforce Giveaway?!.

Yes, today I am all about the Dreamforce giveaways.  This post is no exception!  Have you been wondering about what the Streaming API is?  How about how to use the Streaming API?  Maybe you know what it is and how to use it but have been curious on how to implement realtime tracking in Visualforce pages via the Streaming API?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, look no further!!

September 30, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Cool Tech at the Sundog Loft.

Dreamforce is less than two weeks away.  Here at Sundog we are preparing by putting the final touches on some awesome tech.  We are very excited to be showcasing a number of different things from wearables to connected devices and how these devices can help provide a complete view of your customer when integrated with our various products.

September 29, 2014: Dean Froslie posted a blog entry titled The Crutchfield Approach to Effective Content.

As a consumer and as a content strategist, I’ve always looked to Crutchfield as an example of quality content. It’s obviously created with audience-focused thinking, it’s carefully crafted, and it really shapes the brand.

September 25, 2014: Heidi Haaven posted a blog entry titled Dreamforce Survival Guide: Top Tips & Tricks.

Over 100,000 people. Thousands of live demos and sessions. And only four days.

Anytime you’re getting ready for a conference like Dreamforce, a few helpful tips and tricks can go a long way. So here’s what our Dreamforce veterans want you to know about tackling the biggest tech conference of the year:

September 25, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Notifications with the Salesforce iOS SDK in iOS 8.

Anytime there is an OS update for mobile devices, no matter the platform, I always like to pull up apps I have written before or are currently working on to check to see if there are any hiccups.  iOS 8 was no different.  I noticed that my notifications were not working with one of my apps that is built off of the Salesforce iOS SDK.

September 24, 2014: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Connecting to the Google GeoLocation API with Salesforce.

Ever need to get a latitude and longitude value for a zip code?  The Google GeoLocation API can help you out.

September 23, 2014: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Connecting to the MapQuest API.

Are you trying to do some GeoLocation work in Salesforce?  Maybe the MapQuest API can help you out?

September 22, 2014: Lynlee Espeseth posted a white paper titled Connected For Better Health: Social Media Best Practices In The Healthcare Industry.

Social media has become a standard marketing practice for almost all businesses, but many still struggle to make the most of it. This can be especially true for healthcare organizations that need to consider not only engaging content, but strict regulations, patient privacy and shrinking budgets.

Given the challenges that healthcare organizations face, how can they create social media programs that are not only informative and engaging, but have the ability to positively affect the health of patients?

In this white paper we will cover why social media is so important for healthcare organizations, how to put together a successful social media strategy, and how to keep that strategy going strong. We will also dive into the regulations that affect healthcare organizations on social media, and look at what some of the most successful healthcare organizations are doing right.

September 22, 2014: Alyssa Greve posted a blog entry titled Leveraging User Generated Content.

Brands love to showcase their love from brand advocates and customers love to see their images valued by a company. However, when looking at what images to share and how to give credit, it’s important to keep in mind legal help to make sure the it’s ok for the brand to do so. A disclaimer on the Facebook page and website are one step in the right direction.
Below are a few disclaimers brands have put directly on their about section to set expectations and allows them to re-purpose content and stories shared with them.

September 22, 2014: Alyssa Greve posted a blog entry titled Response Strategy.

As a company starts its social media strategy, it’s important to keep in mind when a negative post lands on your page or someone writes something inappropriate. There are a few things you can do to control these types of situations. The first is to have guidelines and disclaimers on your social accounts and next you will want to have a response strategy in place to help guide your community manager on how to engage in these situations.

September 22, 2014: Alyssa Greve posted a blog entry titled Brand Social Strategy: Kate Spade.

The book, Blog Inc. delivers great blogging best practices as well as a series of interviews with top bloggers from around the world. While reading, I happen to stumble across an interview with the Kate Spade Social Media Manager, Cecilia Liu. She believes that it’s important to use all social media channels well to create the perfect storm. Let’s take a deeper dive into what we’ve learned from Kate Spade’s social media strategy.

September 18, 2014: Zach Johnson posted a blog entry titled Customer Journeys Don’t Do Anything Alone.

Let me take you back to a beautiful day in Fargo, North Dakota (yes, they do exist!). I just had an amazing cup of coffee on my patio, and I was heading across town to hear a local company give a presentation on “The Customer Journey.” Since the event was open to the public, I was excited to hear what some other locals had to say.

September 17, 2014: Heidi Haaven posted a blog entry titled Top 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Dreamforce.

Here are the top 5 reasons we can’t wait for Dreamforce 2014:

September 16, 2014: Heidi Haaven posted a blog entry titled THE EXTRA MILE Step Up Your Customer Journey: Part 1.

In Part 1 of our new webinar series, we explored the what, why and how of the customer journey.

September 15, 2014: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Integrating Pardot and Salesforce - User Interface Layer.

In a previous blog post I showed how to query a prospect from Pardot using the Pardot API.  In this blog post I will show you how to get that data back to the Visualforce page.