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February 23, 2012: Mobile Stats for 2011

Today comScore released its Mobile Future in Focus for 2012, and in it there are some pretty interesting stats from 2011.

February 17, 2012: Missing the Mark With QR - My Response To Jon Barocas

Jon Barocas, founder and CEO of bieMEDIA, recently made waves on Mashable when he blogged about Why QR Codes Won’t Last.  While I respect Mr. Barocas and recognize his success in marketing technology, I feel that he is significantly undervaluing QR codes and overvaluing his proposed alternative.  Here is why:

January 30, 2012: QR Code Best Practices

If you haven’t seen a QR code by now, you are one of the few.  They have exploded onto the marketing scene in the past couple of years.  And for the past couple of years, I have encountered and collected both good and bad example of their use.  The following is an abbreviated collection of Best Practices put together as a result.  Interested in a more comprehensive and descriptive list?  Then keep your eyes peeled for my next white paper… coming THIS SPRING! (Shameless plug, I know…)

January 27, 2012: Our Kids Are Mobile Users

A quick glance at my iPad2 reveals some interesting things about its use.  Among the installed apps I have are Keynote and Gmail… but I also have Pinocchio, Cut the Rope, Helicopter Taxi, Pocket Frogs, and of course Angry Birds.  While I admit to playing my fair share of Pocket Frogs (hey - don’t judge me), in truth most of the apps I have installed aren’t for me.  They are for my kids, who spend a decent amount of time on my mobile devices.  And I’m not alone - this is a trend that we are starting to see more and more.

January 10, 2012: What NOT to do in mobile advertising

Mobile Marketer has put together a list to help the mobile advertiser, but it may not be the kind of list you are expecting.  Instead of giving us a list of tips to follow, they have given us a list of what NOT to do when advertising on mobile.

January 03, 2012: Dominos Pizza Launches Augmented Reality Mobile Campaign

Domino’s Pizza is using Augmented Reality to promote its 555 deals in Britain, with over 6000 AR enabled posters going up across the UK.

December 28, 2011: Mobile Sales Surge on Dec 25, 26

Online sales were healthy this holiday season, and mobile played a big part.  Sales were up 16.4% over the previous Christmas, and up 10% on Dec 26.  On both days, mobile sales accounted for nearly 20% of the total sales.

December 19, 2011: Lessons Learned From Bad QR Codes

Mobile Marketer highlights the good, the bad, and the unscannable of QR codes published in 2011.  Among the common mistakes seen were:

December 16, 2011: As Expected, 2011 Was A Big Year For Mobile…

Nielsen recently released its Quarterly State of the Media - Mobile Media Report for Q3 2011.  And while we all expected 2011 to be a big year for mobile, just how big is pretty amazing…

November 28, 2011: iPad2 Helps Apple See Record Setting Black Friday

Don’t tell anyone at Apple that the economy is slumping.  The iPad2 led the way in sales for Apple on Black Friday and helped set a sales record for the post holiday shopping blitz.

November 17, 2011: Salvation Army Bell Ringers To Accept Credit Cards

No Change?  No Problem.  This year, the Salvation Army is going digital with Square, a hardware and software package that allows people to accept credit cards via their mobile device.

November 10, 2011: 80% of mobile phone owners use phones while watching TV

Back in June, I blogged that Mobile Is Changing the Way We Watch TV. This week in its annual outlook report, Razorfish reports that 80% of mobile users are multitasking on their mobile device while watching TV, with 15% staying on their device for the entire duration of the show.