Fargo, ND – Sundog, Inc. – a Fargo-based marketing and technology company – announces their interns for the Summer Internship Program.

Fargo, ND – Sundog, Inc. – a Fargo-based marketing and technology company – hires Ben Sailer.

Sundog, Inc. – a marketing and technology company in Fargo – hires Zach Johnson, Amber Vogel, Matthew McGarry, Joe McNett and Matthew Lennington.

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August 29, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Excited to Speak at Dreamforce 2014.

Every year there are a few Sundoggers that make their way to San Francisco to attend Salesforce’s annual conference, Dreamforce.  This year will mark my second year attending the conference.  This will also give me another opportunity to share some of my knowledge I have learned on the platform with others by speaking in the Developer Zone.

August 29, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Creating Public RESTful Services in Salesforce.

In the course of working with a Salesforce and other connected systems, you are bound to run across a time when you need to create a public web service in Salesforce to be consumed by an outside system.  To me this seems fairly common.  Recently when I was going to try to create such a service, I was having troubles trying to find out where this was documented and was wondering if it was actually possible.

August 29, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Calling RESTful Services on Salesforce Through the Native iOS SDK.

Salesforce does a lot of awesome things that help a developer work on getting stuff done rather than setting stuff up.  It is one of the reasons why I like the platform.  A lot of the repetitive work is taken care of automatically.  One such area is by using the Salesforce iOS and Android SDK’s.  They make it a matter of using node.js and running a command in the terminal to get a boilerplate app complete that allows you to connect to Salesforce and start building what needs to get done.

August 29, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled iOS JSON Tools Part II.

If you remember back to the initial blog post on JSON tools for iOS, I had mentioned using Jastor for parsing data in iOS.  Well, Jastor is no longer supported.  However, this does not mean that you have to do it all manually.  There is a new tool on the block and the new tool is JSONModel.

August 28, 2014: Dean Froslie posted a blog entry titled When Necessary, Opt for Stealth Content Strategy.

Using your stealthy superpowers, you can “bake” content strategy into projects and initiatives that are already underway.

August 28, 2014: Lynlee Espeseth posted a white paper titled Healthcare & Security Of Data In The Cloud.

The use of cloud technology in healthcare is growing rapidly. The rules and regulations that go along with storing patient data in the cloud are still frequently misunderstood. What do you need to know to protect your patients, their information, and your healthcare practice?

August 26, 2014: Alyssa Greve posted a blog entry titled Breakfast Recap – Social Media Etiquette.

Last week, at Social Media for Breakfast, Jennifer Kane, a marketing consultant and strategist, spoke on Social Media Etiquette in today’s business world. Jennifer shared some simple best practices. Overall, when engaging in social media for business, it’s important to be platform specific and appropriate. It’s important to understand the language and nature of the platform. Here are some best practices talked about at last week’s event:

August 25, 2014: Alyssa Greve posted a blog entry titled Social Media Audits and why they’re important.

One of the first things that must be done is a social media audit when starting to look at your social strategy. A social media audit is where we take a look at the current social channels and accounts associated with your brand and the plan behind each one. We also review how each channel is supported and who is engaging with each community. This gives us a larger vision to see how social media is managed internally and how it has grown over the past few years.

August 22, 2014: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Custom Buttons in SalesforceOne.

We understand well how to make a custom button interact with a Visualforce page on the standard page layouts in a desktop browser.  But how do we do that same functionality in Salesforce1?

August 22, 2014: Alyssa Greve posted a blog entry titled Keeping Up with the Social Industry.

One important role of the community manager is to stay up to date on the social industry topics and trends. I often use the tool to keep track of the latest posts from my favorite blogs. As I share these favorite blogs with you, keep in mind you should also follow content related to your industry in addition to social media trends. This will help you stay knowledgeable of current news and how they could potentially impact your brand.

August 20, 2014: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Different Headers and Footers By Page in PDF - Salesforce.

Do you want to display different headers and footers on different pages of a rendered PDF?  If so, then read on for some ideas on how to get this accomplished.

August 18, 2014: Zach Johnson posted a blog entry titled Webinar Preview: Step Up Your Customer Journey.

Think back to the last AMAZING brand experience you had. That wasn’t an accident. Someone or some team carefully crafted that experience from start to finish, and they did good enough work that it impacted you. Now think back to a HORRIBLE brand experience you had. Someone or some team haphazardly (if at all) “crafted” that experience – with a lack of customer empathy.

August 11, 2014: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled A Recipe for Saving a PDF as an Attachment - Salesforce.

Doing the actual save as a PDF is not hard, but there are a few ingredients to the recipe to make it all fit together.

August 8, 2014: Terry Luschen posted a blog entry titled Controlling the Margins and Footers of a Visualforce PDF - Salesforce.

Having a Visualforce page display as a PDF is pretty easy, but how can you control the margins and footers? Read on for some ideas.

July 31, 2014: Lynlee Espeseth posted a blog entry titled Why Interns Might Be One Of Your Best Marketing Strategies.

Interns can’t catch a break sometimes. The biggest stories about them seem to involve why they are suing their bosses or why they shouldn’t run your social media.

July 31, 2014: Dani Krolak posted a blog entry titled SUNDOG SPOTLIGHT: TAMMY.

Denver has a new team member! This rock and mineral specimen collector brings just enough experience to keep Andrew in line, all while making sure our Denver colleagues are thriving. Meet Tammy Nelson:

July 30, 2014: Dean Froslie posted a blog entry titled Does Your Content Build Relationships?.

As we create content, we obsess over so many considerations. It’s easy to lose sight of perhaps the most crucial factor: Does our content build relationships?

July 29, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a white paper titled Increasing Employee Engagement Through Fitbit/Salesforce Integration.

Wearable devices are growing in popularity, with the most popular subset geared toward fitness. A recent article of Venturebeat discovered that, of the fitness wearables, Fitbit tops the charts in popularity and user satisfaction. Given the overwhelming popularity of Fitbit and the increasing popularity wearables in general, it seems only natural to use the data from these devices to gain insights into customers or employees. This white paper explores integrating this data into Salesforce. More specifically, it will cover the creation and execution of building a Fitness Calendar that works with user data in Salesforce, giving employees the opportunity to track and compete with coworkers in a monthly fitness challenge.

July 29, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Creating Classes and Triggers in APEX Using the Tooling API.

Have you ever or are you now in a situation where you need to create an Apex class or trigger via Apex code and you are looking for a good way to do so?  Then you have come to right place.  This post will outline a simple and easy way to create these files in your Apex code that can be run from anywhere.

July 29, 2014: Craig Isakson posted a blog entry titled Working With Dynamic Markers in Google Maps JS API.

Google Maps has been around for quite a while.  As such, when I came across the need to add dynamic markers to a map I did some searching.  My search didn’t really yield what was looking for.  There were a couple of similar situations I had found but nothing that really worked well.