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Google Maps has been around for quite a while.  As such, when I came across the need to add dynamic markers to a map I did some searching.  My search didn’t really yield what was looking for.  There were a couple of similar situations I had found but nothing that really worked well.

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If you have ever used the Streaming API in Salesforce you know that you need to create a PushTopic for users to subscribe to for streaming to work.  Not a big deal right?  It’s just an object and the topics are just records in the object.

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We all hit that slump in our creativity from time to time. When you feel you have nothing new to try and wonder if you are still good at what you do. Well for those times the best remedy is to look back at some of your best work and to look closely at what some of the best are creating now.

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Depending on how much time you have on your hands (or how much of an internet nerd you are) you might have stopped to notice the endings of the URLs your most frequented websites have. For example, most websites you encounter in the US probably end with .com (for commercial) or .org (for organization). If you like to shop overseas you may have visited, or if you are feeling authentic you might visit (for Sweden). If you get elected Pope you might surf around the net on sites with .va (for Vatican City) or if you are relaxing in Barbados you may use a .bb site to find the best beach.

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This year’s Google I/O was said to be all about the developer.  With no new device announcements as well as no new version of Android announced, this seemed to hold true.  After wrapping up yesterday afternoon, I have had a chance to digest a lot of the content that was presented.

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