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Since Apple’s announcement last year of iBeacon, Near Field Communications (NFC), has been cast aside by the tech media as antiquated technology. But upon closer scrutiny, there is a place for both when engaging the consumer via their mobile device.

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One of the hallmarks of selling to women is the understanding that women like to share with each other. When they have a great (or awful) experience, they talk about it. They talk about it online and in person, and the women they talk to trust what they are saying. When it comes to the business of buying stuff, women trust other women.

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Keys have been largely unchanged in the past centuries until the last decade with key fobs, NFC chips, and now Bluetooth 4.0 changing the way we unlock our possessions.

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Tablet technology is changing the dining experience with interactive promotions and pay-at-the-table service.

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Once Halloween hits, it’s pretty safe to assume that until Valentines Day (or maybe even Easter) there is an unending supply of holidays, holiday marketing, and food.

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Lately it feels like I’ve done more discovery than Ferdinand Magellan. (And just to one-up the legendary explorer, I actually survived it all.)

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I’m taking a break from providing helpful hints and how-to’s to ask Project Managers to look at reality for a moment and challenge themselves.

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April 30, 2013 | Dean Froslie: The Characteristics of Effective Personas

What’s our ideal persona approach? Here are my most critical characteristics for any persona effort.