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Branding isn’t only about logo specifications, fonts and color pallets. Are those elements important for consistency? Absolutely. But what’s more important? Creating a seamless, personalized experience for your customers across multiple touchpoints and channels.

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No doubt about it, Dreamforce never fails to impress. And this year was no exception.

Miss the fun or haven’t had a chance to watch the sessions online yet? Here’s a quick recap of our favorite highlights, news and announcements from #DF14 – all features of Salesforce’s new Customer Success Platform. 

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Coffee. Cocktails. A free Fitbit while supplies last. And interesting conversation with some of the coolest people you’ll meet at Dreamforce.

Can’t wait? Neither can we.

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Let me take you back to a beautiful day in Fargo, North Dakota (yes, they do exist!). I just had an amazing cup of coffee on my patio, and I was heading across town to hear a local company give a presentation on “The Customer Journey.” Since the event was open to the public, I was excited to hear what some other locals had to say.

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In Part 1 of our new webinar series, we explored the what, why and how of the customer journey.

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