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Managing and maintaining a social media presence is a full time job especially when you have multiple profiles to manage and brand, competition and industry keywords to listen to. Then, there is the content strategy and real-time engagement—and don’t forget about strategic plans and social integration. With all of this to do, what’s left? Social media audits are often something that gets pushed under the rug. With so much content and creative moving around, companies should make an effort to take a look at their brand properties, including social, every one or two years to make sure they are relevant and consistent in writing style, brand and imagery.

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The “Marketing Cloud” is taking the industry by storm and other companies are beginning to figure it out.  As Gartner predicted, CMOs would outspend CIOs on IT by the year 2017 and companies are on track to provide a solution these leaders want.

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Do you already have a Gravity Forms form on your WordPress site?  Do you want to get that data to Salesforce?  It can be done!

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Have you ever wished you could send a simple email to Salesforce that would create a task for you?  It is possible!  Read on to find out how.

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Since Apple’s announcement last year of iBeacon, Near Field Communications (NFC), has been cast aside by the tech media as antiquated technology. But upon closer scrutiny, there is a place for both when engaging the consumer via their mobile device.

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