April 03, 2008 | Lon Keller: Podcasters:  Don’t quit your day job—just yet.

Those of us in the podcasting game, both subscribers and producers alike, have listened for the past 4 years on how podcasting could allow a content producer to quit their day job and reap the rewards of financial freedom.

Recently, Michael W. Geoghegan posted some very insightful thoughts on the topic, going as far to say that podcasting is a community rather than an industry.

April 01, 2008 | Mark Sjurseth: Sprint Bets Big in Vegas

Today was a big day for Sprint at Las Vegas trade show CTIA Wireless 2008. CEO Dan Hesse announced several new devices.  The most significant of these reveals is the Samsung Instinct.

Look Familiar?

April 01, 2008 | Greg Ness: A Fresh, Getting-Your-Career-Started Point of View

For the last several years, I taught an advertising class as an adjunct professor at Concordia College. It was a rewarding experience. As part of my class requirements last year, students were to start and maintain a blog. One of those students was a promising and bright designer by the name of Christopher Nuernberger. His blog was entitled “Shades of Gray” and he is still blogging today under the same title about a year after his graduation.

In fact, if you are just starting out in design, marketing, or communications, Christopher’s thoughts and insights might be especially helpful for you. Many of his posts deal with the challenges of getting started in the business, and he is writing this from the relevant viewpoint of his own personal perspective. I heard from Chris recently, and he now has a great job and many regular blog readers. Good job, Christopher.

March 31, 2008 | Greg Ness: We All Need A Little Downtime

Just got back from a week in the wilds of Utah hunting light and photographic landscape icons with my camera. There are a few photos from the trip here on Flickr. I was offline (= downtime) for about a week, and that felt good until I attempted to catch up on all my RSS subscriptions. Yikes! Why didn’t the world take a time out while I was gone? On a side note, I can’t believe how much richer (and accurate) the colors appear on Flickr with the Safari Browser rather than Firefox.

March 31, 2008 | Dean Froslie: Make Your Content Findable

Two recent studies illustrate how users are often disappointed in online content. The relevant content isn’t there, it’s difficult to locate, or it doesn’t connect with the audience.

March 31, 2008 | Jason Gibb: Browser Wars Revisited

You may recall the halcyon days of the late ‘90s: Amazon was just a book store, Google wasn’t the top search engine, and Internet Explorer was an upstart Web browser challenging the domination of Netscape Navigator. In those days, the top browsers competed by adding non-standard features and extensions to the nascent HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax.

The concept of “Web Standards” was unfamiliar to the majority of Web developers, who gladly implemented browser-specific hacks to implement the latest and greatest techniques on their Web pages. It was a time of rapid divergence—browser makers ignoring standards and consistency in the name of differentiation and market share.

March 30, 2008 | Ron Lee: Virtual safe deposit boxes open for business

imageTired of making trips to the bank to stuff legal documents in a safe deposit box? Now consumers can lock up their important documents online, thanks to electronic document archiving soon to be offered by banks.

March 24, 2008 | Greg Ness: More on the Future of Marketing and Advertising

Last week I posted about a YouTube video on the future of advertising from Ben Hourahine at Leo Burnett, London (see below). The Slideshare deck above provides another great overview on that same subject. It’s from Paul Isakson.

There are some prescient quotes in this deck from some of the people on the front lines of the digital marketing frontier, as well as some powerful slides on branding and insights. Thanks to David Armano for the point on this one.

March 20, 2008 | Greg Ness: Idol Marketing

imageApple definitely knows how to feed off the buzz.

March 20, 2008 | Greg Ness: A Glimpse Into The Future Of Advertising?

The future of advertising as predicted by Ben Hourahine, futures editor at Leo Burnett in London. There is a lot to think about here in just 2 1/2 minutes of video, but I think he is spot on. Via AdRants and Fresh Creation.

March 17, 2008 | Greg Ness: How Do You Hide The Internet From 1.3 Billion People?

Stories were all over the place this weekend about China denying its Internet users access to YouTube because of videos posted about the crackdown in Tibet (see NY Times story). Other countries such as Pakistan and Turkey have recently done the same.

Considering the viral nature and growing pervasiveness of the Web, it will be interesting to see how these countries attempt to control future information they deem unacceptable. Many governments administer the Web portals in their borders, but even with legions of censors, it is going to be difficult to slam the door shut on information.

March 14, 2008 | Greg Ness: Scandalous Marketing Via Spitzer & Dupre

Two obvious business “beneficiaries” of all the attention the Spitzer scandal is generating are MySpace and Facebook. Publicity about Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s profile on both social networks has been plastered all over the media. Here’s just a few:

New York Times
Los Angeles Times