June 13, 2014 | Craig Isakson: The Two Sites that Every Android and iOS Developer Should Have Bookmarked

Are you into both Android and iOS Development?  Maybe just one or the other?  If so, I have a “Pro Tip”.  Sometimes it is hard to know what is already out there in forms of Libraries for certain things you do everyday in Android or iOS.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a centralized place for each platform to go to to find out what is available and what you should use in your own project?

June 13, 2014 | Craig Isakson: Google and Apple Working on Adding Health and Fitness

Hot off the heals of the announcement of Apple’s Healthkit we have just received word that Google will also be joining the Health and Fitness trend with Google Fit.  A recent Forbes article shows that Goole is planning to unveil this program in a couple of weeks at this year’s Google I/O.

June 13, 2014 | Craig Isakson: Client-Side JSON to CSV Converter

Working in the world of the web, we are often given data from API’s in JSON format.  This is great for most programming situations because it is lightweight and easy to deal with.  There are times when we do get that data in JSON format but it needs to be in something more consumable by either other applications or by humans.  In those cases, you might need to convert said JSON to CSV.

June 12, 2014 | Craig Isakson: Speed Up Gradle in Android Studio

It was about a year ago when Google announced that they were working on Android Studio as the IDE to replace ADT.  Android Studio uses IntelliJ at its core and replaces the use of ANT for building projects to using Gradle.

June 06, 2014 | Susanna Oliver: Quick Tips for Responsive Email Development on Android devices

If Android doesn’t cooperate with your responsive design, there might be a technical reason for it since Android tends to be pickier than Apple when it comes to email display. Here are two possible reasons for Android display issues.

June 05, 2014 | Laura Schjeldahl: Top 5 Tips for Improving Online Forms

... and why they are so important!

There are many things we can do to improve users’ experiences with forms and to increase conversion rates, but these are five common mistakes that are pretty easy to fix.

June 03, 2014 | Dani Krolak: SUNDOG SPOTLIGHT: MATTHEW L.

He’s been a patient one when it comes to his turn in the spotlight. When he’s not coding like a crazy person, you can find him enjoying competitive sports and spending lots of time at the lake. The wait is officially over – meet Matthew Lennington:

June 03, 2014 | Alyssa Greve: Social Media and The Customer Journey

As we begin to talk about the customer journey across the industry, I began to think about how social media fits into this journey. The customer journey begins in Awareness and flows through stages of Image, Preference, Usage and builds through Loyalty. In reality, social is unique because it can fit into each stage of the journey from Awareness to Loyalty with different actions. Some users may gain awareness of a company through a social ad while others may be very loyal to a company and like the Facebook Page and enjoy getting their brand posts in their newsfeed.

May 31, 2014 | Lynlee Espeseth: Marketing Lessons From the Midseason Finale of Mad Men

Anyone who works in marketing and advertising knows that Mad Men is a fun look at what we do, but not always a very accurate one (not too many executives drink before meetings anymore, at least not responsible ones).

May 31, 2014 | Lynlee Espeseth: How To Tell A Complex Story

As most marketing researches or strategists know, finding a way to express your findings and ideas can be difficult. We may know what we want to say, but getting a client to understand it (and be engaged by it) can be a serious challenge.

May 31, 2014 | Shawn Tennyson: Digital Signage Projection Mapping Is Hot

Digital signage projection mapping: displaying 3D images and video on buildings, hockey arenas, basketball courts, and even swimming pools has really taken off in the past year.

May 30, 2014 | Craig Isakson: Using and Customizing MFSideMenu (Slide-out Menu) for iOS

If you build iOS apps you have probably either built your own slide out menu or you have used a library for doing just that.  Personally, I have done both and really like the ease of implementing a lightweight library into my apps.  One of my favorite slide out libraries is MFSideMenu.  It is super easy to use and works really well.