Customer Journeys Don’t Do Anything Alone

Let me take you back to a beautiful day in Fargo, North Dakota (yes, they do exist!). I just had an amazing cup of coffee on my patio, and I was heading across town to hear a local company give a presentation on “The Customer Journey.” Since the event was open to the public, I was excited to hear what some other locals had to say.

Two hours later, I left the session feeling very underwhelmed. I couldn’t understand how someone could take such an invigorating, meaningful and transformational topic … and deliver a dud! After spending some time noodling on the customer journey presentation, I realized the irony. The event teaching community business leaders about the importance of customer experience and journey mapping hadn’t applied any of the concepts to their own event. They demonstrated that they intellectually knew how to build a customer journey, but they hadn’t applied it to their own brand during my encounter with them.

At Sundog, I’m proud to say that we don’t just intellectually know why customer journeys are important and how to create them. We actually use our own customer journey to learn how our clients perceive working with us – from the beginning of our relationship through becoming loyal advocates. Some of the feedback challenges us. Some of it is inspiring and invigorating. But one thing is clear – when it comes to improving our customer experience (not just customer service), our team members look to the foundation set by our customer journey. We seek to innovate, create, and execute new and exciting strategies, processes, and experiences that elevate our own brand in the hearts and minds of our customers and broader market.

In our The Extra Mile: Part 2 webinar, my fellow presenter Andrew Richburg and I will discuss how to take a customer journey off your desk – and do something with it. Based on our firsthand experiences with journey mapping and facilitating transformation for our clients, as well as our internal transformation based on our own customer journey, we’ll discuss how creating positive impact takes alignment, prioritization, and ultimately meaningful action. We’ll dig into both tactical and strategic methods for using the journey as a change tool.

Here is quick overview of what we’ll be covering, and you can register free right here. I hope you can make it!

+  Transform relationships between your customers and your brand.
+  Take a closer look at your customer touchpoints and how they fit into the big picture.
+  Evaluate products and services from your customers’ point of view.
+  Create the right strategies and messages to reach further – and reach people in a way that really matters.
+  Align your teams and departments with common goals and understanding.
+  Make the most of marketing automation with a personal touch.
+  And gain more insights built on meaningful metrics.


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