The Importance of a Social Media Audit

Managing and maintaining a social media presence is a full time job especially when you have multiple profiles to manage and brand, competition and industry keywords to listen to. Then, there is the content strategy and real-time engagement—and don’t forget about strategic plans and social integration. With all of this to do, what’s left? Social media audits are often something that gets pushed under the rug. With so much content and creative moving around, companies should make an effort to take a look at their brand properties, including social, every one or two years to make sure they are relevant and consistent in writing style, brand and imagery.

Here is a short checklist of some items to think about when doing an audit:
1. Number of accounts and strategy of each account
2. Consistent profile images, cover images and backgrounds
3. Consistent toolsets to manage social profiles
4. Consistent tone and voice when writing
5. Consistent image strategy and video strategy

It’s also important to reflect on your social strategy as part of your audit. Questions to ask your team are:

1. What is working?
2. What isn’t working?
3. Should we adjust our listening strategy?
4. Are we capitalizing on what we are listening to?
5. What are our competitor’s doing on social media?
6. Are we on the right channels?
7. How are our social media efforts influencing business goals and objectives?
8. Do we need to adjust our content strategy?
9. Do we need to adjust our engagement strategy?
10. Do we need to adjust our internal workflow process?
11. Can we manage our social channels more efficiently and effectively?
12. Do we need to adjust our integration strategy?
13. Are we measuring the right things?
14. How did we perform from the previous year?

Once your social media audit is complete, its time to create a project list to prioritize. After all the action plans are created and executed, this is a continuous exercise that must be conducted every year or two.


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