5 Reasons to Add Video to Your Marketing Mix

If you were given no more than a tenth of a second to make an impression on a customer or prospect, would you able to make a good impression?

According to Princeton psychologists, that’s how long it takes to form a first impression. And on top of that, researchers estimate consumers see over 300 ads per day and are becoming blind to banner ads. So how can a marketer break through? 

  1. Tell Your Story. A story that is truthful, relevant, helpful and original, has the power to break through and leave an everlasting impression. No other medium allows you to touch the soul of the viewer like video can, moving people with sound and imagery. One of my favorite recent examples was Sundog’s “1 Millionth Loader” campaign in partnership with Bobcat Company. It’s a real, emotional story that could not be more authentic. Watch below to see the winner’s passion for the brand, passed down through generations.
  2. Communicate Effectively. When planning video production, expect to create multiple versions and split your time equally – spending 50% on creative strategy and 50% on media channel strategy. For example, with our “1 Millionth Loader” campaign above, several shorter videos lead up to the big reveal. Even though the final video was over 6 minutes long, views on Facebook and YouTube were very high. So before you begin production or buying any media, ask yourself these questions:
    1. How will the video support your marketing goals?
    2. Who will benefit from this video?
    3. How can it become more relevant? Tip: Think about personas, channel content and journeys.
    4. Where will it run (e.g., geographically, channel specifications, device options)?
    5. How long will it run?
    6. What type of placements will be used (e.g., pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, in-display, mobile, apps, social)?
    7. Where is it in the customer journey? In other words, what’s the next step you want viewers to take?
    8. How many total versions will be needed?
    9. Is this a series or one-time execution?
    10. How will you measure the success?

    The answers to these questions pave the way to produce your video effectively – and deliver it at the right place, at the right time, to the right people.

  3. Boost Your Relevancy.
    The power of video combined with the right channel can open new doors and maximize your ROI. Know which channels are most relevant to your personas, and create custom videos that fit. When finalizing your marketing plan, consider timing within the customer journey, too.

  4. Create Higher Brand Recall.
    Since video appeals to multiple senses with images, movement and sound, it can make both emotions – and engagement – soar. With the right creative execution, emotional impact will carry a viewer’s attention beyond that initial tenth of a second, leading to higher brand recall. Higher recall can mean less frequency is needed in the media plan, too. As a marketer, keep that in mind when weighing the cost-benefit of paying a higher CPC or CPM for video over other tactics in the mix.

  5. Video Is Everywhere.
    TV continues to be one of the highest rankers of media consumption (and marketing spend). But video ads have more options beyond the constraints of traditional screen and programming patterns.

    Video can be used for social channels. Online display networks. Local online publishers. Paid search. Outdoor screens. The list goes on and on. Mobile is changing viewing habits, and based on Nielsen’s Total Audience Report Q4 2014, engagement is even higher with video on mobile devices.

    Video on Demand (VOD) is also rapidly on the rise. As VOD consumption grows, so do video ad opportunities. At the end of 2014, 41% of U.S. homes had access to VOD (Nielsen). And even though some providers of online TV programming do not allow ads, new networks are expanding online programming options as we speak – offering unique opportunities in syndicated, live and original programming.


    So what’s the lesson in it all? To remain competitive, consider adding video to your marketing mix. Whether you want to inform, differentiate your brand, entertain, or share a story, it’s one of the most effective tools at your fingertips – and it’s growing by the minute.

    Remember, your prospects and customers are busy. If you only get a sliver of their time, use the power of video to make it count.



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