Focus on Branded Apps Fades, Shifts Toward Mobile Partnerships

Apps, apps, apps! Everybody wants an app. What if I were to say, “You don’t need an app!”? Would you think I was crazy? The reason is simple. What you really need is a mobile strategy. This strategy may very well involve your own branded app, but it may not. 

There is a shift in today’s mobile ecosystem to use what is already built to reach your customers. It is possible to use these services to serve your customers better, faster and cheaper. After all, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend your time reinventing the wheel when the wheel is already built and ready for you to use.

Key Example: Google Maps

What’s a prime example? Google Maps. With Google Maps, you can target a user in the context of their location by building up your brand in the built-in reviews. Plus, you can make sure that your brand is well represented in the content associated with that user’s query. The same could be said with other apps or services like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, etc. Your users are already using all of these apps and services on their own. Why not borrow those moments through that service? It is also possible to utilize SMS/MMS messaging to your user to provide contextual moments to drive your brand image.

There are countless ways for you to reach your customers on mobile outside of an app. The key? Determine what these ways are and whether they accomplish the marketing goals you are trying to achieve. If you have a specific use case that cannot be accomplished by borrowing mobile moments from other services, then it might be time to look into developing an app and determining the app strategy that will revolve around it.

But first? Think about the big picture. It can bring bigger – and better – results.


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