How We Work

When it comes to marketing for manufacturing,
there are a lot of moving parts.
We’ll show you how to make them all work together.

Our Approach:
Revenue. Performance. Marketing.®

We call it RPM. You can call it a promise
to understand what really drives your customers.
Get the most out of your technology.
And connect every click and campaign to your bottom line.

What It Means To You

You’ve got a team of experts on your side who specialize in:

  • Audience research and personas
  • Content strategy
  • Branding and storytelling
  • Customer journey mapping
  • User experience (UX) design
  • Targeted marketing programs
  • Content development
  • Marketing and video production
  • Channel and media planning
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • Campaign management
  • Partner lead routing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Onboarding and program management
  • Through-channel management
  • Partner relationship management (PRM)
  • Integrated web analytics
  • Storytelling dashboards
  • Marketing data transformation
  • Customer journey optimization
  • Direct revenue attribution of marketing campaigns
  • Technical strategy and architecture
  • Cloud, mobile and IoT strategy
  • Web development
  • Implementation of Salesforce platforms, Sitecore, back-end systems and more
  • Data management and integration

Who’s the right fit for RPM?

  •  Manufacturing companies
  •  B2B(2C) companies that sell products through dealers, distributors or resellers
  •  Leaders who want to drive measurable results

Want to learn more?

Let’s talk about how it works
and how it can be customized just for you.