14 Nov 2017

How to Build a Better Digital Experience

Laura Schjeldahl
Posted in: Digital Experience, Digital Marketing, UI Design, User Experience (UX), User Interface

I always appreciate a visually appealing site or app. You know how it works: you’re clicking around and come to a website that makes you sit back and think, “Ahh, this is where I want to be.” You might even share the link with a few friends or colleagues. You assume when you dig into the site, you’ll be able to easily find the product or service you want and complete some kind of transaction. Perfect, right?

8 Nov 2017

How to Motivate Partner Performance with Market Share and Quotas (Partner Channel Series: Part 2)

David Stone
Posted in: Lightning Bolt, Manufacturing, Next Revolution, partnerDRIVEN, PRM, Sales Cloud PRM, Lead Management Strategy, Partner Management Strategy

At Sundog, we help manufacturers get the most out of their partner channel. And in this blog series, we’re sharing practical ways to improve partner performance. In my first post on lead follow-up, I touched on setting expectations - and following through - with your partners. In part 2 below, I’ll drill deeper into that idea.

2 Nov 2017

4 Ways to Improve Lead Follow-Up with Your Partners (Partner Channel Series: Part 1)

David Stone
Posted in: Manufacturing, Next Revolution, partnerDRIVEN, PRM, Lead Management Strategy, Partner Management Strategy

Partners play a critical role in your success as a manufacturer. And you want to work with the ones who have a vested interest to represent and sell your brand well. After all, you’ve invested time, energy and dollars to build effective partnerships that benefit both your organization and theirs.

1 Nov 2017

How Customer Journeys & Personas Can Guide Marketing and Sales Teams

Emily Dallaire
Posted in: Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Marketing Strategy, Personas & Segmentation

Marketing and sales teams often grow into silos. And although both are working toward the same goal, they have a lack of shared knowledge about where - and how - they can fit together based on customer activity.

24 Oct 2017

9 Low-Tech Ways to Prioritize Your Customer Before Your Brand

Megan Jensen
Posted in: Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Customer Research, Marketing Strategy

Priorities in business usually revolve around financials and forecasting, resources and revenue, team building and technology. It’s easy to become myopic and lose focus of the most important thing in the world: your customers.

16 Oct 2017

Automating Customer Service with Message Bots: Tips & Takeaways

Nazia Zaman
Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Customer Experience, Next Revolution, Robotics

The other day, I sent a birthday wish to my brother, living on the other side of the globe, via Facebook Messenger. Right after I hit “Send” on the message, Facebook's very own M popped up asking if I needed some help.

11 Oct 2017

The Biggest Mistakes Manufacturers Can Make

Eric Dukart
Posted in: B2B, Manufacturing, Marketing

Today buyers are seeking out their own information - and not just from your company.

5 Oct 2017

Personalization Data with Sitecore: What It Means to Marketers

Paul Bourdeaux
Posted in: Sitecore, Sitecore Experience Database, Web Personalization, xDB

Personalization isn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s been used successfully in email marketing campaigns for years. At its core, the whole idea is using known data and characteristics about a prospect to present content in a way that is relevant and helpful. It could be something as simple as using their first name in an email, or it could be as complex as providing recent purchase history.

29 Sep 2017

Sundog Cited in Vendor Landscape Report:  Salesforce Implementation Partners from Forrester

Johnathon Rademacher
Posted in: Forrester, Manufacturing, Salesforce

At Sundog, we’re honored to be included in the September 2017 Forrester report “Vendor Landscape: Salesforce Implementation Partners.”

25 Sep 2017

Website Accessibility: Why It Matters & How Your Site Stacks Up

Susanna Oliver
Posted in: Digital Experience, Usability, User Experience (UX), Web Development

With upcoming legislation around website accessibility, it’s time to take a serious look at how your website stands up to accessibility requirements.