13 Mar 2019

Best Practices & Benefits of Quality Assurance (QA)

Laura West Posted in: Agile Development, QA, Quality Assurance

Lately all the bees have been talking about a popular buzzword: QA. As you may know, “QA” is the acronym for Quality Assurance. (Every good buzzword needs an acronym, right?) It’s also commonly known as, or related to, Quality Management.

4 Mar 2019

How Bots & AI Will Impact Customer Journeys in B2B

Nazia Zaman Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Einstein, Machine Learning

I just ordered a pizza for dinner with a few taps on my phone, and the delivery driver should be here anytime. It’s amazing how we are automating nearly everything around us, empowering end-users to achieve a wide range of tasks with minimum effort.

28 Feb 2019

Top Salesforce Lightning Features & Why They Matter

Marcus Rondestvedt Posted in: Einstein, Lightning, Salesforce

New to using Salesforce? Or wondering what the Lightning experience is all about? Here are three reasons to take a closer look:

8 Feb 2019

Design Thinking: How to Create Your POV (Part 4)

Ross Crandall Posted in: Customer Research, Design Thinking, Leadership, Marketing Strategy

It's time to turn the data you gained from interviews and observations into creating your organization’s point of view (POV). Why are clear and concise POVs important? They help you tell the customer story, plus increase alignment and understanding across your organization.

16 Jan 2019

Design Thinking: Empathy & Observation (Pt 3)

Ross Crandall Posted in: Customer Experience, Customer Research, Design Thinking, Leadership, Marketing Strategy

Design thinking is generally applied to product problems, but design can be used on any complex problem - including developing your organization's strategy. Below you’ll find a practical working guide on how to use design thinking methodologies and put this approach to work for your company.

11 Dec 2018

6 Keys to Building a Culture of Design (Part 2)

Ross Crandall Posted in: Design, Design Thinking, Leadership, Strategy

What does that really mean? As a leader in your organization, you need to lead by example and embrace the framework of design thinking. In my experience, executives may love this concept when it is presented but lack the fortitude to actually follow through or believe in the process. This is the number one mistake you can make, and it will only lead to failure.

4 Dec 2018

Design Thinking: What It Is & Why It Works

Ross Crandall Posted in: Design Thinking, Leadership, Strategy

Traditional methods of developing an organizational strategy are (or should be) dead. Today’s world is moving too fast for a group of executives to sit in a room and plan the year ahead based on the way business has been done before. If you’re not fostering a culture geared toward exploration and deep customer relationships, you’ll never excel beyond where your organization is today. After all, if you’re not investing time to understand your customer, how do you expect them to invest in you?

31 Oct 2018

7 Ways to Improve Your Website SEO

Susanna Oliver Posted in: Google, Search Engine Marketing, SEM, SEO

A website without search engine optimization is like a car without an engine or a computer without a mouse. Just like a car without an engine isn’t going anywhere, a website without SEO won’t be useful to anyone. In a nutshell, the goal of SEO is to rank as high as possible on page 1 of Google’s search results, so searchers can find your website. Not only does SEO help your website perform better in search results, it has other benefits that improve the way your website functions, too.

25 Sep 2018

How Voice Search Is Changing The Web

Susanna Oliver Posted in: Google, Mobile, SEO, Sitecore, Voice Search

“Find the nearest gas station.” “When will the next MacBook Pro be released?” “How many touchdowns did Carson Wentz score last season?” You’ve probably asked your phone one of these questions (or something similar) in the last week. According to Google, more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop, and approximately 50% of the population uses voice search on a daily basis. There’s no doubt: voice search is changing the way we use the web. And the web is transforming to meet the challenge.

12 Sep 2018

How to Connect to Marketing Cloud’s REST API

Katie Wilson Posted in: Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Software Development

As a manufacturer, you need to communicate with your customers, who come in all shapes and sizes: dealers, distributors, suppliers and end-users just to name a few. One of tools that can help aid this communication is Marketing Cloud from Salesforce.