24 Hour Laundry Comes Clean

24 Hour Laundry, the stealthy startup that’s been keeping Netscape founder Marc Andreesen busy lately, has finally lifted the lid off its newest offering. Honestly, I’d forgotten he was up to anything. And now, after seeing Ning I don’t know whether to stand and applaud, or just scratch my head. Why all the mystery prior to launch?

Riding on the recent successes of social apps like MySpace, Flickr and del.icio.us, Ning seems to have created an online social application structure for you to take and create your own social application.

If you’re up on the social software phenomenon, think of Ning as a CMS for social apps. If you’re not, I’d suggest visiting some of these links before trying to understand what 24 Hour Laundry is doing.

I’m interested to see if Ning releases a future standalone product that allows me to host my own. If it does, sign me up! In the meantime, I’m sure I"ll waste part of my weekend playing in Ning’s new playground.

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