27 Jun 2005

Pay Per Call Could Grow

Greg Ness Posted in: Online Marketing, ROI, Technology

Pay Per Call is one of those things that just seems ready to burst on the online marketing scene in a major way.

What I found really interesting in a recent Pay Per Call report summary from the Kelsey Group, was the author’s comment, “[Pay per] calls potentially also help ‘close the loop’ between online shopping and offline buying — the dominant transaction model into the foreseeable future.” We all know that people often shop and research online, but still buy locally. Pay Per Call is a way to convert a company’s national online marketing presence into directly trackable local Cost Per Lead actions. It is a way of harnessing the power of the Web and the power of the local Yellow Pages.

22 Jun 2005

Conversation With A Mannequin

Greg Ness Posted in: Online Marketing

The other day I was wandering through Marshall Field’s and I had the distinct feeling I was being watched. I looked around, but no one was in sight. No one, that is, except a mannequin who was staring at me obliquely with a cold, vacant look. He was well dressed, polite (in a quiet, Minnesota-nice kinda way) and he had a head. You know it’s really difficult to find a mannequin with a head these days. Look around. Most new mannequins are headless. Must be the current mannequin chic.

“Hey man, how you doin’?” I asked.*

20 Jun 2005

Wikitorial, I hardly knew ya

Phil Leitch Posted in: Internet, Media Strategy, Targeted Marketing Programs

Michael Kinsley’s experiment using a wiki for the LA Times editorial is over, at least for now. When I first heard of the idea my initial thought was that it wasn’t a very good one. A brave experiment in publishing, definitely. But a wiki seems the polar opposite to an editorial page. Wouldn’t adding a simple comments section or a discussion board work much better? I get the feeling that Kinsley wanted to create some buzz for his paper and latched onto a hot buzzword, mixed it into the editorials and hoped for the best. Others have suggested that the experiment was a success due to the attention it has attracted. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out and how long they’re willing to keep trying.

The Long Tail, a wonderful blog I found over the weekend, has two good entries on the subject.

16 Jun 2005

Marketing ROI and Interactive Are High on the B-to-B Trend List

Greg Ness Posted in: Business, Internet, Online Marketing, ROI, Sundog

Sometimes it takes an outside resource to make you realize you’re heading in the right direction. We’ve been laser-focused for the last year on Web-centric marketing systems, ROI and interactive advertising. Then along comes this article that essentially says, “Hey, you guys are aboard a big locomotive and on the right track.”

According to an article in this month’s B-to-B Magazine, marketing ROI, electronic communications and online advertising are some of the dominant marketing trends. It’s a great read.

The article states that all departments in most successful B-to-B businesses are being asked to justify their budgets. Marketing is no exception. The story quotes Taddy Hall, chief strategy officer for the Advertising Research Foundation, “A driving force of accountability is the fact that measurement and the ability to calculate returns have improved dramatically with the Internet and real-time response measurement capabilities.”

14 Jun 2005

Email is going strong

Greg Ness Posted in: Online Marketing

There were some interesting email statistics the other day from a study done by AOL and Opinion Research Corporation. It shows how pervasively email has integrated itself into our lives. Sometimes email seems like such old technology. I guess that is because everything happens so fast on Internet Time. However, it is still remains a powerful way to reach people as these statistics show.

10 Jun 2005

Rocky Mountain ROI, RSS and Blogs

Ron Lee Posted in: Online Marketing, ROI, Technology

Quick: can you define blogs and RSS? If you bumped into your CEO in the elevator and he or she asked pointedly, “So tell me all you know about RSS and these blog things,” could you fire off your best virtual elevator speech faster than the express car racing to the top floor of your office building?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what they are, because a lot of us in marketing don’t know either.

9 Jun 2005

Google Studys Says Search More Effective Than Trade Ads

Greg Ness Posted in: Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing

I just read about a new Google study, conducted with Millward Brown, that clearly demonstrates the importance of search advertising for B2B technology buyers. The full report is expected to be released soon. Below is a brief overview.

Millward Brown polled 900 technology professionals involved in purchasing for their companies. The poll revealed search was used 30 percent more frequently than trade periodicals in the research phase of the buying cycle. Online search was 21 percent more frequently used than the B2B press in the consideration phase and used 62 percent more in the final purchase phase.

7 Jun 2005

A Champion for Good Writing on the Web

Phil Leitch Posted in: Internet, Writing

When was the last time somebody asked you to check out the writing on a Web site? I’m going to guess it’s been awhile. But it’s a whole different story when talking about the visual design of a site, in fact you can find sites dedicated to visual design like CSS Vault and CSS Beauty. During a time where everybody shouts “Content is King” there are not a lot of sites doing anything to highlight great writing, until now that is. Garrent Dimon recently launched Notable Words in an effort to bring to light good examples of writing. I’m particularly pleased with his first postings because he included Daring Fireball which is one site I am always happy to see has something new to read.

Good writing can provide your customers with a valued and relevant source of information as well as help your site move ahead in search engine rankings. While having a great design to wrap your content in is necessary, don’t forget you also need to have great content as well to attract and keep visitors to your site.

1 Jun 2005

Interactive Advertising Revenues Grew 33 Percent

Greg Ness Posted in: Online Marketing

Even though all of us at Sundog are wired into the fabric of the online world, it still never ceases to amaze us when we see how quickly interactive marketing continues to grow.

Recently, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released the Internet Advertising Revenue Report. It detailed the final numbers for 2004. According to the report, overall interactive advertising revenues grew nearly 33 percent over 2003…totaling more than $9.6 billion.

26 May 2005

Debunking Web Myths #1: The 3-click Rule

Phil Leitch Posted in: Information Architecture

Myth: People don’t like to click (aka “The Three Click Rule”).

Fact: People don’t like to click when the result isn’t what they are expecting.