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A Developer’s Perspective on Dreamforce 2012

Salesforce is doing a great job encouraging developers to attend their historically business-y conference. Just look at the size of their developer track at Dreamforce this year, 200+ developer sessions! Not only that, but they are edging toe-to-toe with the marketing and sales parts of the conference, and even going beyond them by adding events like the Developer Theatre, Hack Challenges, and an Unconference.

Speaking of their vast selection of Developer Sessions, I’ll be contributing to the conference by presenting the Mobile Components for Visualforce project, an open-source project that has taught me a lot about writing HTML5 apps. I’ve written about this project a few times before, on the Sundog blog and on the official Salesforce developer blog and wiki, so I thought it only fitting to carry my knowledge on to share at Dreamforce. It looks like more than 170 people are planning to attend my session, so I’ll be busy preparing, detailing, and practicing my talk.

Instead of copy-pasting the session abstract, I’ll give a fresh spin on it. Smart phones and tablets are everywhere, including in the hands of your teams at work. If you want to better enable and motivate them, you should consider how to bring Salesforce to them through this mobile channel. If there’s a Visualforce page that your team heavily relies on when working in the office or at home on a laptop you should consider making a mobile version of that page for their portable devices. This is where the Mobile Components for Visualforce comes in. It can help bootstrap your effort to make a mobile HTML 5 page that looks and feels good on your team’s mobile devices.

My talk will be aimed at developers looking to learn more about this project and jQuery Mobile in general, so if you are interested in attending, there are a few links for more information. Enjoy the conference!

If you are registered to attend Dreamforce, you can use this link to find my session to register now:

Or if you just want to read my session’s abstract, there’s a link for that, too:

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