A Letter To The Owners

Brent Teiken  |  July 30, 2013

Sundog Team,

With the announcement of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan today, we now move forward as one team of owners, fully aligned in our mission, sharing in the success of our growth and unified in our vision and legacy of building a globally recognized and admired marketing and technology company. It is a difficult challenge but one I know you will meet with equal energy and passion.

The creative and entrepreneurial spirit that lives within the hearts and minds of all of us is a powerful force. It is this spirit that drives us to control our own destiny and to make a difference when and where we see fit. We can only do that as our own company and given the fact that you are the people who empower the dream, it only seems right that you should share in the fruits of our endeavor.

I hope you enjoyed our company meeting and were energized by the speakers, stories and plans you heard, and also by becoming owners in our company. We covered a lot of ground, and while it would be impossible to remember all that was said, these words from Greg, our Chairman, have indelibly captured our afternoon on the lawn at Newman Outdoor Field:

“Companies in many ways mirror life – they have stages, they grow and mature, and they have major milestones. Today we have announced another major watershed event in the evolution of our company in the formation of an ESOP that makes everyone here an owner at Sundog. That is as it should be.

I know our company has grown because of an impassioned vision, good leadership, dedicated planning, wise decisions and seizing opportunity when it is presented. However, mostly it has prospered because this company is filled with smart, dedicated people like you that have the ability and determination to make dreams and vision come true.”

So today as we celebrate and honor the past and those who have blazed a trail before us, we also look forward to the future and the promise it holds. Today begins a new story here at Sundog and I’m looking forward to writing the next ten years with all of you.

Congratulations owners and as always, thank you for all you do.


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