ANA’s Marketing Predictions for 2008

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has put together a list of 2008 Trends To Watch. Incidentally, the way they released this information is on one of several blogs they maintain, which in itself sends a signal about the growing use of new media tools. The membership of the ANA is comprised of executives from over 400 companies that represent 9000 brands and are responsible for over 100 billion in marketing and advertising expenditure each year. Here are some key take-aways from the ANA list:

• Creativity and innovation still rule, but 2008’s creativity will be focused on devising better ways to leverage technology and reach audiences online. There is “no turning back” to the traditional advertising model. In fact, the ANA said a digital marketing platform “offers richness in information management, communication delivery, metrics—and portability.”

• Marketing and advertising accountability remain top-of-mind with many marketers.There are still 42 percent of companies dissatisfied with their marketing ROI measurement methodology. The ANA predicts this will lead to companies developing a Chief Accountability Officer.

• The ANA predicts the tremendous rise of online social networking will create what DDB’s CEO, Chuck Brymer, calls The Brand Swarm—“the notion that people and their opinions coalesce to form critical forces that massively influence marketplace ideas and concepts.”

• According to the ANA, there is a growing concern that marketers today are skilled enough to understand the tremendous integration of technology and new media knowledge that are needed in the contemporary marketing environment. This will lead to the emergence of a new “Renaissance Marketer” that can assimilate the technological, psychological, anthropological and humanistic aspects of marketing, and shape these into a strategically integrated marketing platform for their organizations.

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