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Android Tablet Quality Check

So you just finished reading a blog post where you learned that Android is on the rise in the tablet market and it is rising fast. Then you think to yourself that you should really port over your iPad app to work with Android or you remember that your Android app was only optimized for handsets. Now what do you do? If only there were an easy to follow checklist that Google had put together that contained information on building and optimizing your Android tablet application along with related links for each topic!

Well, today must be your lucky day. To help developers get their apps optimized for tablets Google has indeed put together an easy to follow checklist that contains information on building and optimizing Android tablet apps which also includes links to the guidelines and developers documentation for the related content. The checklist includes information on:

  • Testing for Core App Quality
  • Optimizing your Layouts
  • Use the extra screen area
  • Use assets designed for tablets
  • Adjust fonts and touch targets
  • Adjust homescreen widgets
  • Offer the app’s full feature set
  • Don’t require hardware features
  • Declare tablet screen support
  • Follow best practices for publishing in Google Play

After having created a number of Android tablet applications I can say that this information is invaluable. It really helps layout the information that you really need to know when creating or optimizing for a tablet.

Google timed the release of this checklist very well, coinciding closely with the release of the Nexus 7, the new numbers showing that Android tablet use it rising significantly, and the numerous rumors of new Android Nexus tablets on the way for this holiday season.

Check out the checklist and let me know what you think. I know it helped me, does it help you?

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