Apple COO Tim Cook Provides Compelling Glimpse Of Apple Thinking

It becomes clear to see why Apple is such an innovative, successful company when you read the comments made by Apple COO, Tim Cook, recently posted on the Fast Company blog.

He provides compelling, insightful answers to three questions:

1) How does Apple keep innovating?
2) How do they visualize the market for the iPhone?
3) How does Apple handle the loss of a senior exec?

His answers certainly help demonstrate that Apple’s 1990s branding slogan, “Think Different,” was apropos internally as well as externally. Like most good branding slogans, this one closely aligned with their corporate DNA.

Most companies make marketing and business decisions based on where the market is today; Apple bases their decisions on where they want their marketplace to be defined tomorrow. It’s this type of thinking that is the fundamental premise of the excellent, best-selling book, Blue Ocean Strategy.

Some Apple naysayers point out that in spite of all their innovation, Apple only has a small percentage of the computer business. True enough. However, their innovation has brought them fiercely loyal repeat customers, higher margins, a soaring market cap, and a sizable share of the music business. Many businesses would gladly trade volume for profit and brand loyalty in their mature markets (computers), plus have both volume and profit in their more embryonic markets (iPods/iTunes).

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