Augmented Reality Apps

Some time ago, Sundog began looking into Augmented Reality (AR) advertising. Watching their project unfold inspired me to take a deeper look into the different applications available to pull this off, for the web or mobile devices.

In my searches, I found that AR is rather encompassing of many different concepts and ideas. It is hard to say you are going to just do an AR app or ad, you need to first think about what you want to accomplish.

There is a website I found called 110 stories that outlines the premise of an application that Brian August has come up with. To me it gives a great example of coming up with an idea first, then going on to actually creating it. There are, of course, thousands of other reasons to use AR, but coming up with the ‘Why’ first will help you determine what direction to go when it comes time to choosing what software, library, or method to use in creation.

Choosing what software to go with is a rather daunting process due to the many ways in which you can augment what the user sees.

You can do something similar to a QR code in that you can create a symbol, usually outlined in a solid thick black box, that will be replaced by an animation, image, or a 3D image. Depending on which you choose, you will need to get corresponding software that will create each and then connect with software or libraries you are going to use to run the camera and then replace the symbol. Not an easy first step.

Another option is to do a layering effect. The idea behind this is that you overlay new information onto what you are seeing, usually through a mobile device. You could look at a product and show a list of comments that users have posted, or add things to the current view that don’t actually exist.

The options for either are quite endless. I will go into a bit more detail about resources for both the 3D and the layer options in upcoming blog posts. Until then, I give you two resources for an idea of android and iphone applications currently using AR in various ways.

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