Blingo Increases Prizes, Win a Ford Mustang

Remember about two months ago when I wrote about winning a 25 Visa giftcard from Blingo? At the time, I mentioned they had partnered with Publishers Clearing House and were likely going to be increasing the types of prizes they give away. It turns out the partnership with PCH was actually Blingo being purchased, and today looks like the first day to start winning big. Previously, I think the top prize was a 100 Visa giftcard, now it’s a new Ford Mustang or 20,000 cash. Other new prizes include 5,000 in cash, a 42-inch plasma television and 1,000 cash. If I could only have won today instead of a month ago!

Blingo uses search results from Google, so if you’re already a Google user, it wouldn’t hurt you at all to make the switch and have a chance to win. Blingo randomly picks winners throughout the day and 29,000 people have won something so far. So all you have to do to play is search like you normally would. In fact, I don’t even think about it anymore when I’m searching. When I won, I was honestly surprised since Blingo is the place I now go to search.

So, go sign up and win something already.

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