Blogging: Bigger Than Ever

Blogging is still growing at a rapid rate. Technorati is now tracking over 112 million blogs. That number is up over 40 million since this report was released last April. Every day there are 175,000 new blogs being created.

Although the term blog (a shortened version of weblog) has been around for ten years, blogging didn’t really start taking off until around 2000 when sites such as Blogger made publishing a blog a lot easier. Blogger was purchased by Google in 2003, and since that time, blogging has skyrocketed. Other popular sites for starting and maintaining a blog include: Movable Type, WordPress, and Tumblr. In addition, many people use social networking sites such as MySpace for their blog.

There is also a growing trend to micro-blogging formats—such as Twitter and Jaiku—that are sort of like a cross between blogging and social networking.

Blogging, and its derivatives, will continue to evolve because it has never been easier to publish and communicate almost instantaneously on the Web. You can reach a few friends with your writing, or if you attain A-list status, you can potentially reach billions. In addition, blogging fits a world that likes its information in bite size segments. Blogs and bloggers are here to stay in one form or another, and what was once a fad, is now thoroughly mainstream.

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