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Bringing It All Together:   Four Examples of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

The following are four examples of integrated marketing campaigns that have been executed by Kraft Foods, Popeyes, and Dickies. Each of the campaigns has the same look and feel online as they do offline. The videos made for microsites were repurposed for TV ads and online pre-rolls keeping the campaign message consistent among all the media outlets used for each campaign execution.

Kraft Foods
Kraft Foods is joining with hunger relief organization Feeding America to kick off “Huddle to Fight Hunger,” an integrated marketing campaign with the goal of donating at least 20 million meals.

Marketing includes consumer incentives, cinema, newspaper and magazine ads, public relations, as well as social and mobile activities and in-store displays. You can read more about the campaign here.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, part of AFC Enterprises, plans to introduce a campaign on Monday. It will reintroduce a theme, “Love that chicken from Popeyes,” that Popeyes has used on and off since the 1970s.

The campaign will present the results of a recent taste test of bone-in fried chicken, which pitted the Popeyes mild and spicy varieties against the KFC Original Recipe variety. This campaign will be executed using television, newspaper ads and a microsite.

Dickies has been around since 1922, making a classic twill work pant that has a loyal following among auto mechanics, factory workers and skateboarders alike. Now the company wants to expand its base to reach the person who might also want a sturdy pair of pants for more active pursuits like motorcycle riding.

Working with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the San Francisco ad agency that is a unit of the Omnicom Group, Dickies devised a campaign, with crisp black and white images, for print, television and the Internet. Called “874 Versus,” the pants are shown in two situations intended to highlight their near indestructibility.

The campaign is being executed through the use of a microsite, 30-second and 60-second television ads as well as print ads.

Wheat Thins (Kraft Foods/Nabisco)
The end of July, Kraft Foods debuted the first of at least two 30-second national TV commercials featuring consumers who have tweeted positively about the company’s Wheat Thins brand.

The TV spots employ two of three videos already posted on Wheat Thins’ “The Crunch is Calling” YouTube channel and in a tab on its Facebook page.

The first video aired as a TV spot, for two weeks, starting July 26th. The second video will air as a TV spot starting August 30th. There is a third video that may or may not be used as a TV spot. The videos will also be used online as pre-rolls. Jim Low, director of wheat snack crackers for Kraft Foods, told Marketing Daily, “The social media-driven videos and their use as TV spots and pre-rolls represent a natural next step in the evolution of the brand and its marketing.”

The consumers chosen to star in the videos were selected based on random tweets about the brand. While the brand is not saying exactly how they tracked down the chosen consumers; a spokesperson confirmed for Marketing Daily that the subjects were tracked down with the help of their Facebook friends and family members.

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