CNET Lauches BNET For Those In Management

CNET is using the experience and knowledge it has gained from its own site to officially launch BNET, a resource aimed directly at people in mid- to high-level management. The site focuses on strategy, operations, insight, and business practices. There is a significant amount of “hands-on” content that includes how-to guides, white papers, Webcasts, and an extensive business library. It also includes Web 2.0 features such as blogs, RSS alerts, and other social networking features that allow it to be utilized as a lead-generation tool.

BNET has been in beta for a couple years, but apparently CNET Networks decided it was time to take the training wheels off. The official launch was March 1.

There are other websites that deal with similar content such as Fast Company, Inc., and BetterManagement.com, but BNET does feel like it has most successfully brought a number of elements together to appeal to the management set.

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