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Creative interface and user interaction is expected

Have you ever been to a website and your first thought is “this site is shady?” Have you ever downloaded an app only to open it once and never again? This is what I like to call Back Alley Design Syndrome (or BADS for short). As users, we expect our applications and websites to not only be usable, but be creative and intuitive. We are correlating trust in a product or company with design and usability more than ever.

Peter Eckert, writer for Fast Company, talks in depth about why this is a good thing for both the user and the company.

“Companies are recognizing that it is far less expensive to prevent a problem or usability issue from occurring in the first place than to fix it later in a redesign process.”

“Numerous industry studies have stated that every dollar spent on user experience brings in between 2 and 100 dollars in return.”

You can read his full article here: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1669283/dollars-and-sense-the-business-case-for-investing-in-ui-design

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