DIY Recording Fame

Who needs the record label companies to become famous? Not Ingrid Michaelson, a singer-songwriter whose self-produced Girls and Boys recently hit #2 on the iTunes charts. Her road to fame was via a MySpace page.

Earlier this month Sarah VanNevel’s post related the story of Tay Zonday, a singer who rose out of obscurity via YouTube. Ingrid Michaelson’s path using the Internet is a similar story with some even bigger implications. In literally six months, Michaelson went from being an unknown to performing at sold out concerts and having her songs featured on the hit TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” (see her “Keep Breathing” on YouTube).

The Internet is tearing down the barriers between a talented, driven individual and success. Take note: those who are in the “middleman” industries in the music industry are on the endangered species list unless they can evolve to add value rather than subtract it. Either the RIAA still doesn’t get that or they are simply buying time. I think the latter.

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