Dreamforce 2015 in Review: Top Tech, Tools & Takeaways

Greg Ewing-Lee  |  October 14, 2015

Dreamforce is always one of the best and biggest events of the year. Why do we get so excited about it? Well, here are six reasons – just for starters.

6 Salesforce Clouds: What’s New & What’s Next

Whether you missed the fun or haven’t had a chance to watch the sessions online yet, check out this recap of our favorite tools, tech and takeaways from #DF15.

1. Sales Cloud

Lightning Experience

In addition to a overall refreshed look and feel, the new UI is designed to help your salespeople:

  • View critical deals on an interactive homepage.
  • Get more insightful recommendations with next steps, right within your sales cycle.
  • Customize the experience with a structure and process specific to your organization’s sales team.

Salesforce IQ

Unite your Sales Cloud data with existing calendar and email data.

  • Emails, meetings and phone calls are automatically captured, keeping your deals up to date.
  • Machine-learning automatically filters opportunities and brings the deals that need attention most to the surface.
  • Eliminate busywork with email shortcuts and dynamic scheduling.

2. Service Cloud

Lightning Console

Put all of the information your agents need to deliver fast service at their fingertips.

  • Cases from every channel come into the agent console where agents can view a customer’s profile, purchasing history and account information – all in one place.
  • Customize the experience with a structure and process specific to your organization.

Omni-Channel Presence & Routing

Manage availability in real-time, and intelligently route the right cases to the right agents.

  • Automatically route cases, leads or other work to the most appropriate employee.
  • Distribute work based on employee skill set, availability and their capacity to handle incoming work.

Service for Apps

Embed Service Cloud functionality natively into your apps.

  • Help customers help themselves with easy access to knowledge articles.
  • Provide access to create and view cases and initiate live chat.
  • Offer one-to-one support with live video and on-screen annotation through SOS for Apps.

3. Marketing Cloud

Active Audiences

  • Leverage CRM data in Salesforce to reach your customers through precise advertising at the right time in their buying journey.
  • Reach customers on any device and channel with advertising powered by identity-based targeting via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Predictive Intelligence

  • Use online customer behavior to build a profile of preferences for each individual.
  • Leverage algorithms and business rules to automatically predict the next best offer, content or product for an individual.

Enhanced Marketing Cloud Connect

  • Cross-Cloud Journeys: Create tasks, cases and trigger other actions in Sales and Service clouds using Journey Builder.
  • Continuous Data Sync: Keep lead and contact data from Sales/Service Cloud continuously in sync with Marketing Cloud.

4. Community Cloud

eCommerce Lightning Components

  • New components from partners allow community users to purchase products directly within your community.

Community Lightning Components

  • Drag and drop components to extend and customize your community capabilities.

5. Analytics Cloud

Wave Actions

  • Empower your people to take action directly at the point of insight. For example, create a case, update an account or assign a task from a data visualization.

Analytics Apps for Sales and Service

  • Sales Wave Analytics App: Quickly gain pipeline visibility, track team performance and uncover new opportunities.
  • Service Wave Analytics App: Check on case trends, agent efficiency and channel optimization.

Lightning Reports & Dashboards

  • Get a clearer view. How? Wave visualizations are being incorporated into operational reporting within Sales and Service Cloud.

6. App Cloud

Salesforce Shield

  • Platform Encryption: Natively encrypt your most sensitive data across all your Salesforce apps.
  • Event Monitoring: Gain access to detailed performance, security and usage data on all your apps, too.
  • Field Audit Trail: Create a forensic data-level audit trail with up to 10 years of history, and set triggers for when data is deleted.

IoT Cloud Powered by Thunder

  • Connect and capture data from devices, sensors, websites and interactions with Salesforce.
  • Configure business rules to identify key data moments and trigger actions within Sales, Service, Marketing and App Clouds.

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