Duh Karen, Project Management!

Suzy Rokke  |  February 10, 2013

This journey of blogging, tweeting and writing about Project Management is dedicated to my fellow Project Managers (even Karen who wondered what I would write about!). These ladies and gentleMAN are my inspiration to share the knowledge, tips, tricks, insights, know-how, tactics, processes, and anything else project management related, to make our daily work lives appear effortless!

As I embark on this new professional journey of being a Sundog Expert, I am feeling as though I am really stepping outside my comfort bubble. If you know me, you know that I rarely bite my tongue. But, putting those words on paper and truly making a commitment, in writing, to the crazy—and from time-to-time insightful—things that come out of my mouth is a whole different story. It’s scary, yet invigorating.

Of course, the main topics and themes will be Project Management, and I’m hoping I can take a more insightful look at the profession to help those of us “in the trenches” learn a little about:
• Overlooked tricks in your everyday tools (Evernote, Smartsheet – just learned a new thing last night that I’m excited to share with you - stay tuned!)
• Improving and utilizing “age old” processes (Agile, SCRUM)
• When the customer is always right - how do you tell them they’re wrong?
• Gain insight into who a Project Manager is and how to take our common strengths to help bridge the gap of being non-technical people in a highly-technical world. (Sounds like a white paper hypothesis…hint hint)

Next blog topic: Smartsheet workspace

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