Expanded Pet Food Recall

Hopefully, all you pet owners have heard about the pet food recall from Ontario-based Menu Foods. When this story first broke, I didn’t realize how many brands were involved: Menu Foods supplies products to a lot of pet food companies! Go here to the Menu Foods website to see the list of dog and cat products affected. There are 50 dog food brands on the list, and 40 brands of cat food. For most of these brands, only a small portion of their product line is on the voluntary recall list.

There must be many consumers checking out this information. We buy Iams for our dog, and because that brand was on the Menu Food’s list, I went to the Iams website to get additional information. The link took forever to open because, no doubt, a lot of people were doing what I was doing. There was no problem with the product we buy.

Menu Foods seems to be doing all the right things, so far, to assuage public concern over this issue. However, they could still face difficult days ahead if there is a continuing problem. There is a press release on the link above that details their efforts. Recalls that are related to serious health issues—people or pets—present incredible PR challenges. How these issues are handled can profoundly affect companies for decades to come. The Tylenol scare will live for a long time as exemplary crisis management.

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