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After a few weeks of getting used to Timeline on our personal profiles, Facebook shortly launched Timeline for business pages. As I have anxiously awaited the transition, the switch happened over night and caught me by surprise.. I had to push back a few projects and dive into the Timeline articles and reviews. Please, if you haven’t converted your page to Timeline, do! Without staying up to date with the most recent changes as a business, it reflects the lack of social knowledge with your social strategy.

After learning, watching and trying a few things out on our own pages, I am going to recap a few of the biggest changes to pay attention to for a business.

The first and most striking is the cover photo at the top of the page. This image gives you a place to use a visual to represent your brand. This image sets the tone of the entire page. I also want to point out there are a few rules Facebook implemented with cover photos. You can see those rules here.

Creating key milestones for your company is the next item your business will want to take advantage of is. Timeline wants you to use Facebook like a Timeline! (Who would have guessed?!) Make sure to pick 4-5 key points in your company’s history and use images or videos to go along with each description. I am not quite sure how many people will really be going back in history on the wall, so if you don’t get to this right away, I don’t see any harm done.

The updated insights are the last item you will want to look at.These are located right below the cover image (only admins will see them). I find this a little annoying myself as I want to see the page and wall as a user would see it. It is nice to see the data, however I didn’t mind clicking into “insights” to see it. Facebook insights will keep you up to date on when your pages activity is highest and which posts are the most engaging. I use insights to see what posts drive the most engagement and shift my strategies accordingly.

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