Firefox 3.5 Released Today

Here is some great news to wrap up your June: Firefox 3.5 was released today.

This new version of the popular browser from the Mozilla team includes a host of slick features, including a smart location bar that finds sites by keyword rather than just URL, easy bookmarking with tags, platform native look-and-feel, support for color profiles in images, private browsing (and other security enhancements), location-aware browsing, downloadable fonts, and even better support for Web standards.

But for me the most exciting improvement is the performance enhancements. Firefox 3.5 uses less memory, renders pages faster, and takes advantage of the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine to provide a massive speed boost to Web 2.0 sites.

With IE 8 and Safari 4, we have now been blessed with three major new browser releases in 2009. That’s three reasons to stop using IE 6.

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