HD Radios Ready For Prime Time at Wal-Mart

As reported by AP and Business Week Online , Wal-Mart will today start selling car receivers for digital radio, also known as HD Radio (which is free, and should not be confused with subscription-based satellite radio).

In addition to offering a 190 digital car-radio (JVC HD-W10) in nearly 2,000 of its stores in 85 markets, Wal-Mart also will help promote and educate consumers about HD Radio.

The article cites that few consumers have embraced HD Radio so far, but suggests that this will likely change as the nation’s largest retailer throws its marketing muscle at it.

The article also says that Wal-Mart’s price-conscious shoppers are a key segment for HD Radio, shoppers who may find HD Radio an attractive alternative to the subscription-based satellite radio offerings. (Wal-Mart also offers satellite radio receivers.)

There are more than 1,100 radio stations now broadcasting digitally, according the article, and broadcasters see this digital technology as key to survival.

Stay virtually tuned for more information!

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