Life Dies Again

Time Inc. is discontinuing Life magazine. In its heyday—the late 1930s through the 1960s—Life magazine was a weekly and one of the most popular magazines in America. Since 1972, it has been shut down twice before only to eventually be relaunched in a new form. In its most recent iteration, Life was a weekly supplement in over 100 newspapers. Time Inc. said the “decline in the newspaper business” and poor advertising outlook for the magazine were factors in its decision. Life will continue in a substantial scaled back form on the Internet.

What is amazing to me is how fast this information is assimilated on the Web. The last paragraph on the Wikipedia entry for Life magazine now reads:

“Time Inc. announced March 26, 2007, that it will cease publishing of Life April 20, 2007, the last day for Life’s print issue. The brand name will continue on the Internet, Time Inc., a unit of Time Warner said in a statement.”

The change was made the day the story broke. If this were the era of the printed encyclopedia, this current information might not have been updated for over a year.

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