Marketo Summit 2013: Leveraging the Dynamic Customer Journey

With a number of content sessions, networking opportunities, and information on the latest and greatest marketing techniques, the 2013 Marketo Summit offers marketing professional the advice and expertise they need to make the most of their efforts, their time and their budgets.

To help both our clients and our team members, we sent seven Sundoggers to San Francisco to get the inside scoop on everything the summit has to offer. Visit the blog to hear what our team is learning at various sessions, then follow Sundog on Vine to get a behind-the-scenes look at #MUS13.

First up on the blogroll is Heidi Haaven, our Communications Director.

Thoughts on the Summit so far? As a fairly new Marketo partner, this Summit is a great learning experience. We’re seeing the full potential of Marketo in action and learning about new features that our clients can take advantage of.

What was your favorite session? Leveraging the Dynamic Customer Journey, given by Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter

What did you learn? The dynamic customer journey is constantly evolving and this session gave helpful insight into the future of converged media. Jeremiah was an engaging and interesting speaker who is clearly an expert on this topic. His explanation was easy to follow and his slide deck was full of great information and graphics that are easy to follow.

In his session, Jeremiah described how converged media utilizes two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media. It is characterized by a consistent storyline, look, and feel. For example, your company web site would be considered owned media. Your banner ads and sponsored tweets would be Paid media. And Earned media would be press coverage and social media conversations. Consumers are hit with so many different forms of media each day, that the only way to effectively break through the noise is to integrate converged media.

Brands that don’t, end up with fragmented messaging, inconsistent branding, redundant communication efforts and low customer engagement.

By the end of his presentation, it became obvious that converged media is here, and is creating a bigger demand for real time marketing capabilities. Facebook ads and sponsored tweets are already proof. And, as technology changes and people have access to more forms of media, it will become even more complicated. To do it right, converged media requires planning, thoughtful implementation and consistent monitoring of data.

What’s the most important takeaway for our clients and other marketers? If businesses don’t converge the different types of media successfully, they will have fragmented messages and different brand experiences for their audiences. Our clients need to tell a consistent story across all three types of media and that’s something that requires planning and an experienced team that can bring it all together. At Sundog, we have media buying experts, social community managers, insight analysts, content strategists and designers that can guide you through the converged media process.

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