Meet Our #DF14 Speakers

Jen Thompson  |  September 9, 2014

Going to Dreamforce 2014?

Come meet a couple of Sundoggers who are packing their bags for San Francisco. This year, two of our high-tech experts have been invited to speak in the Developer Zone. In their sessions, you’ll find lots of real-world insights to hit the ground running with the Streaming API and maximizing VisualForce. Not to mention, they’re a couple of the coolest guys you’ll find at #DF14.

(And if you don’t speak geek, don’t worry. You’re still invited to walk a block to our Basecamp for free cocktails, coffee and everything else you need to recharge – yourself and your devices.)

Our #DF Speakers & Sessions


+ brilliant software engineer
+ over 10 years of dev experience
+ interested in writing complete apps with Javascript
+ proud papa of three boys
+ brews his own beer
+ learning to play the bagpipes (really)

Building Visualforce Pages with AngularJS and JavaScript Remote Objects
Bridging the gap between current browsers and future web technologies is vital in our ever-changing world. Visualforce is a simplified yet powerful method for building web apps capable of accessing data functions to maximize user interaction. This session will provide the framework for building pages with AngularJS and Visualforce Remote Objects by removing the complexity from JavaScript Remoting – all while integrating with Salesforce1.


+ expert systems architect for Salesforce, web and mobile technologies
+ ambitious, fun, sarcastic
+ enjoys incorporating new technologies in innovative ways
+ loves his family and fellow Sundoggers
+ also passionate about running, cycling, photography and near space exploration

Realtime Tracking with the Streaming API
One API. Huge possibilities for innovative user interaction and data notifications. Come discover the top areas of consideration, plus see how to hit the ground running with the streaming API and bonus Google Maps integration via the Salesforce geolocation fields.

Check back soon for session dates, times and registration.

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