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Mobile Apps Enhance Super Bowl Experience For Attendees

If you were one of the lucky people who actually attended Super Bowl XLV, I hope you brought your Android phone or iPhone!

As if going to the Super Bowl wasn’t amazing enough, NFL Enterprises, LLC also provided Android and iPhone/iPad users with free apps developed to make their experience even better.

The apps gave attendees a 3D map of North Texas - complete with restaurant and bar locations pre-marked, a bathroom and concessions locater that can be used inside the stadium, and the foursquare-like ability to see who else was at the game.

Reviews of the apps turned out to be high on the eye candy factor, but relatively poor in terms of usefulness. But they were free, and if nothing else demonstrated the potential of reaching consumers anywhere. However, NFL Enterprises may have missed an opportunity to extend on their brand by making an app that was more impactful. Things like real time video replay or real time stats across a specific in stadium network would make it more useful in game.

Perhaps an app to display the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner would have helped too…

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