More Troubling Shifts For Newspapers and The Television Networks

Here’s more evidence of the continuing shift from analog to digital media. On the heels of this article last month about sharp declines in newspaper circulation in the U.S., comes this story at Crain Communications about the vanishing 18- to 49-year-old age group on network television. NBC was down 11 percent over last year’s figures, CBS declined by 10 percent, and ABC was down by 5 percent.

If the decline in readership and viewership was a short-term phenomenon, it could be attributed to economic cycles, but as several reports have pointed out, this is a long-term situation. The main benefactor of reduced time being spent with newspapers and television has been the Web. Most prognosticators predict this shift to continue at a steady pace in 2008 which will further exacerbate the financial conundrum facing newspapers and the large TV networks.

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