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My Choice of Developer Sessions at Dreamforce 2012

Next week is a big one. Next week will see me sleeping in a hotel, socializing from sunrise to sunset with fellow developers, logging thoughts and code snippets into a digital device, and sharing my knowledge with others by delivering a talk of my own to fellow developers. Yup, I will be attending one of the biggest tech conferences in the nation - Dreamforce. This year, the conference boasts 200+ developer sessions, so picking my session line-up required deep consideration and many trade-offs. What type of session line-up did I end up with? I’ll categorize them here.

The first category of sessions is official Salesforce-prepared sessions. As a Force.com developer and Salesforce partner and consultant, these sessions are somewhat compulsory.

Sessions in the compulsory category that I’ll attend include:
- The 10-Year Evolution of Developers and Salesforce.com
- Administrator Tools for the Future - Platform Roadmap
- Consulting Partner Keynote
- Business is Social - Marc Benioff and Friends
- Keynote: Leadership-Taking Charge with General Colin Powell & GE CEO Jeff Immelt

The second category of sessions is JavaScript-themed. As a Salesforce developer, I find JavaScript to be a relevant direction in which to grow. The Force.com platform is very solid, and the tools supplied provide clear-cut methods of solving problems. My road as a Force.com developer has evolved from learning the mind-bending idea of bulkification to repeatedly solving somewhat similar problems and refining the solutions.

JavaScript, on the other hand, is a lawless world when compared to Force.com development. JavaScript enables Force.com apps that exceed user expectations for the platform. It provides a new platform and new domain in which new and yet undiscovered problems lie, waiting to be solved. It is an unexplored territory fit for only the most adventurous. Every developer has a hunger for learning new ideas and adding new solutions to their repertoire, so I believe that more Force.com developers will find JavaScript a worthy challenge on which to sharpen their teeth.

Here are sessions I will attend that fall into the JavaScript category:
- JavaScript Patterns and Practices from the Salesforce Experts
- Building Mobile HTML5 Applications with Sencha and Force.com
- Creating and Using Visualforce Mobile Components
- A Practical Node.js Tutorial
- What’s Hot in the World of JavaScript Frameworks
- Build Your First Node.js App with Force.com
- Make Your Visualforce Pages Responsive

The third and final category of sessions that I will attend have general developer content. There are a few goals for attending these sessions. One is to shed dim light on the boundaries of my knowledge so I can know what I don’t know. The other goal is to see how other Force.com experts are solving universally difficult problems. A stroke of inspiration may be discovered by attending these sessions.

Here is a list of sessions that fall under the general developer category:
- Data Visualization with Web Standards
- Workbench: The API Swiss Army Knife
- Cloud Trivia
- Enterprise Source and Release Management using StratoSource
- Scala: From “Hello, World” to “Heroku Scale”
- Technical Architect Certification - Learn From Our Experts

This concludes the summary of my choice sessions at Dreamforce 2012. I look forward to the conference.

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