NCAA March Madness Ad Revenue Leads All Sports

The ad revenue for March Madness is expected to exceed a half-billion dollars this year ranking it as the top post-season sporting venue against all other sports, pro or college. It even exceeds the Super Bowl. The top four ad revenue producers in 2006 included:

NCAA March Madness (497 million)
Pro Basketball playoffs (424 million)
Pro Football playoffs including the Super Bowl (423 million)
Pro Baseball playoffs including the World Series (383 million)

The information was compiled in a special report by TNS Media Intelligence.

It is interesting to note that the March Madness event attracts almost 75 percent of the total advertising spent on NCAA basketball throughout the season. It is just the opposite for college and pro football where 75-80 percent of the ad revenue is generated during the regular season games.

The tournament is an elaborate integrated marketing event and the NCAA is offering free live online video streaming of all games during the first three rounds of play at March Madness On Demand.

Incidentally, if you did want to get tickets to the Final Four in Atlanta, you can still snap up some seats in the first few rows courtside for a mere 6755 each.

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