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New Mobile Video Ad Format Allows for Additional Interaction

With the number of worldwide video views expected to reach 280 billion this year, video ad network YuMe has launched The YuMe Mobile Flip; a new mobile video ad format that allows for additional interaction in mobile video ads.

Along with this announcement, the video ad network also announced that they would begin allowing marketers to run tablet only campaigns.

The YuMe Mobile Flip ad unit is the only full-screen, interactive, mobile video ad unit that allows consumers to switch between slates within a single video ad on tablets as well as smart phones. It allows consumers to instantly capture key ad messages on one view of a tablet device or smart phone, and then quickly “flip” to a second view to further interact with the brand. It’s as easy as tapping on the screen or swiping your finger across the screen to reveal the second view or slate.

Several advertisers have already taken advantage of the new feature and say the new ad unit increases retention and ad recall by consumers, motivates purchasing decisions and drives overall brand favorability and lift.

For more information about the YuMe Mobile Flip, visit the YuMe ad gallery.

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