One Reason Not To Watch The Final Four From A Work PC

Sneaking peeks at online highlights of NCAA Division I basketball tournaments or updating pool charts during the work day, instead of looking at your boss’s sales projections? You might want to watch what you watch.

One good reason is a new class of Web-surfing tracking technology that some IT departments are installing, such as Metron from eTelemetry. Metron will track and report on each worker’s surfing habits, including what sites they visit, who they are chatting with online and how much time they spend surfing each day.

As reported in Washingtonpost.com, businesses could face an estimated 1.2 billion loss in productivity during the 19-day basketball tournament (86 million in the first two days of the tournament alone). IT networks can become bogged down as fans/workers watch streaming video of game highlights using their company’s network.

As the Washingtonpost.com article asks, is March Madness in the office just a bit of fun—or a behavior deserving of Big Brother tracking? There’s no easy answer, based on a company’s norms and culture.

In the meantime, with the Final Four just days away, a device like Metron might be one reason to watch what you watch while at work—in case you are being watched.

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