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Our Kids Are Mobile Users

A quick glance at my iPad2 reveals some interesting things about its use. Among the installed apps I have are Keynote and Gmail… but I also have Pinocchio, Cut the Rope, Helicopter Taxi, Pocket Frogs, and of course Angry Birds. While I admit to playing my fair share of Pocket Frogs (hey - don’t judge me), in truth most of the apps I have installed aren’t for me. They are for my kids, who spend a decent amount of time on my mobile devices. And I’m not alone - this is a trend that we are starting to see more and more.

Common Sense Media put together a fairly comprehensive study on the patterns of media usage of children ages zero through eight in the United States. Among the key findings was the revelation that more than half (52%) of the young children in the United States have access to a newer generation mobile device, with well over a third (38%) of them using them regularly. The 5 to 7 age group led the way, with 52% of them using an app that one of their parents downloaded specifically for them.

What does this mean in the world of marketing? Well, for starters it means that the upcoming generations will be as familiar with mobile as the current one is with online. And that in itself should be a clear indicator as to the future of marketing.

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