Pinterest for Business

Pinterest was created by a college student in 2009, launched live to family and friends in March 2010 and the growth in 2011 was viral. The new social medium sets itself apart from Google+, Facebook and Twitter because of the different purpose the network provides its users. Pinterest allows users to visually bookmark items they may find online and pin images to specific boards they’ve created. In essence, it is an inspiration board that contains clothes they like to wear, decorating ideas, DIY projects, and other items to purchase or use. Founder, Ben Sibermann, describes the new network as a way to share your taste and passions with your friends and family.

The growth of this site is over whelming and has businesses talking about whether this is a space for another social media presence. Go where the people are right?! Well, not so fast! Before you jump into the next big social media wave it’s important to think strategically. Who are you trying to target? Pinterest’s community is 54% female at the moment of Compete’s last data release in April; does your company want to specifically engage with those women?

Something else to think about it is the return on investment on the time, dedication and work being put into your boards. Will Pinterest users share your pins and if they do, will they know it is from your company’s board?

Before I sound like I am not encouraging your company to invest in Pinterest, there are many good reasons to join and speak directly to your community. The wedding industry has taken full advantage of this new social opportunity while they post their latest dresses, venue decorations and photography. I have not seen any tracked results from companies joining Pinterest directly but do believe it is a place for the right business.

I encourage you to think outside the box when joining Pinterest as a business. How can you use Pinterest to serve a specific purpose? Here at Sundog, we have an exciting way Pinterest is going to serve a purpose in our Innovation Program - Summer Internship hiring process. Follow our Facebook Page to hear about more updates in the future.

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