Playing in Theatres Now: Digital Movie Posters

Since 1909, the 27 x 40” paper movie poster has been the standard promotional method for announcing upcoming attractions. Looking at a display of static movie posters at the local theatre, however, will soon be a thing of the past. Flat panel digital displays are replacing the classic paper poster with an interactive experience that features video and animated images.

Digital movie posters offer the ability to show movie trailers, animated stills from the movie, or simple animation to tease the movie enthusiast and generate excitement, like the JAWS poster from 1975. Each panel can also rotate multiple movies, eliminating the need for a single frame for each movie poster. The possibilities are endless and I expect autostereoscopic 3D displays (3D without the need for special glasses) to be the next trend in digital movie posters.

Allure Global specializes in this medium. They list these benefits for the digital movie poster:

  • Generate excitement for current films and encourage incremental visits
  • Increase awareness of upcoming films with higher recognition and greater recall
  • Promote multiple movies from each digital display unit
  • Enhance the theatre ambiance with “WOW” graphics and animations
  • Bring customers back to concessions with appetite appeal messages
  • Inform visitors about gift certificates, theatre rentals and special events

I just hope they keep the ultra-condensed type for the credits on the digital posters, that’s always fascinated me.

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