Putting Twitter In Perspective

Twitter has received a substantial amount of press in the last few months, and there is no doubt it is an important social networking tool. However, it may be getting a little more attention than it deserves. To illustrate that point, there is this useful chart on Flickr from David McCandless that illustrates how things break down on Twitter. The stats are based on a post from Rohit Bhargava, the author of the Influential Marketing Blog and also a Sysomos report about the Twitter community.

Twitter still continues to grow, but if the majority of that growth is inactive users, it won’t have near the impact that many pundits claim. The jury is still out on how mainstream Twitter will become. Those that argue it is a fad, are bolstered by statistics that show many people sample Twitter, but few become regular users. Those that argue Twitter is a game changer, cite recent world events such as the election protests in Iran, and how Twitter played a critical role there in disseminating information.

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