Salesforce Chatter - A Case Study

With the upcoming Winter ’11 release for Salesforce.com, Chatter will be rolled out to all organizations bringing a fresh new look and the tools to change the collaboration within your organization. Here at Sundog, we have been using Chatter internally as part of our professional services application (PSA) and have experienced amazing results in team collaboration and work efficiency.

“Our Professional Services Automation tool with Chatter has centralized communications, improved project collaboration and increased efficiency.” Johnathon Rademacher – EVP, Technology


Sundog is a marketing and technology company that delivers solutions to help companies strengthen their brand, grow revenues, and measure their marketing return on investment. Using a modified Agile methodology to manage projects ranging from marketing campaigns to website development to CRM projects, Sundog was invested into a number of legacy systems including:

• Custom Java Intranet for time entry
• Shared folders for storing content
• Atlassian Jira for story management
• Excel for burn charts
• MS Project for milestone planning

Having a multitude of systems meant duplication of effort for the team entering time and managing their work, and introduced the risk of missing key task assignments. From a project manager standpoint, the system was ripe with roadblocks from moving information from one system to the next, creating an inefficient working environment.


Sundog decided to move to a Professional Services Automation platform and researched the options that were available in the market, but found that the unique combination of marketing and technology services that were core to the business didn’t lend well to an out of the box solution.

Being a Salesforce partner for five years, Sundog chose to design our own PSA solution that would be built on and 100% native to the Force.com platform. Core to this solution were the Salesforce Chatter and Content modules that allowed companywide collaboration and sharing of key documentation.


Having moved from their previous solution of multiple systems and many versions of the truth, Sundog found that by leveraging Salesforce Content we were able to create an efficient process and easy access to all critical project files. Our new PSA solution also lessened the dependence on many communication channels such as email, text, IM and sharing of project documentation. Sales Chatter introduced a new way for the team to collaborate without filling an email inbox, and kept communications tied directly to a project or task. In the new system, all relevant tasks and project information can be viewed in the Chatter stream or found in Content, saving the entire organization time and expense.

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