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Social Media is Saving Live Television

We all know the fight between Television networks and the Internet. They are fighting the tide of this new generation that wants their content online and on-demand rather than on TV. Viewership numbers are steadily falling as more and more people turn to online solutions like Netflix, Hulu and Crackle. The interesting thing though is those numbers may start to level off.

…80% of people below the age of 25 use a second screen to communicate with friends while consuming TV content. Totaltele

There is a rising popularity of watching live Television to be able to interact and keep up with what is happening in social media. Take the presidential debates for instance.

The presidential debates set a new Twitter record for the most-tweeted-about US political event in history with over 10 million tweets sent during the hour and a half event. Mediabistro

Before the times of cellphones, tablets and DVR, live Television brought a viewership of millions of people; there was only one way of seeing that week’s episode or live news coverage. People wanted to be able to talk about the events the next day with their friends and coworkers, so they made sure to tune in. Today the discussions with friends and coworkers aren’t the day after the event; they’re during the event. Live discussion is cutting a new path for live TV to walk on. Viewers are more inclined to watch it live so as to be able to follow the commentary online with their friends.

We’ve had the World Cup, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl to showcase that point. Builtinchicago

The Oscars saw a %293 growth from last year’s social media to this year’s, which topped 3.8 million comments. So even though you may still watch modern family on Hulu each week, you may find yourself going back to live broadcasting more often than before.

Do you watch live TV? If so, do you watch a second screen during the broadcast?

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