Sundog at SD West 2007

This week marks the start of SD West 2007 in San Francisco. Put on by the Dr. Dobb’s Events Group, this 20th anniversary event looks to be one of those killer conferences one remembers fondly throughout a career…if one is a software developer anyway. Along with the standard keynotes and sessions, Dobb’s packed the week with an impressive schedule of geekery. Developer Bowls and Jolt Awards, what could be better? How about a party with Google?

Looking through the conference agenda, I see over 200 sessions in all of five days. There is really no practical way to attend all the events, so one will have to choose wisely of course. One must-see session is a birds-of-a-feature gathering on Hibernate, JDO, or EJB3. I am particularly biased on this as Sundog’s very own Nathan Voxland will be the speaker. Straight from the O/R trenches, Nathan will discuss the various differences between these database mapping technologies.

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