Super Bowl Advertising

Today is the Super Bowl of TV advertising, too. Here’s most of the info you need to enjoy the commercials and some other handy facts for the big game:

30 Super Bowl commercials you can watch before the game

• The brands with the most pre-game Twitter buzz (infographic)

10 Facebook Pages for Super Bowl Fans

Top advertising themes and trends

The Brand Bowl

• The cost of Super Bowl TV ads throughout the years (airtime only)

• Are Super Bowl ads losing their “Ta-Da!” factor?

• Are Super Bowl ads worth it?: here, and here, and here

Super Bowl ad timeline (pdf) Super Bowls 1 - 44

Schedule of commercials for Super Bowl XLV

The History of The Super Bowl [infographic]

Fan map

Super Bowl XLV Facts and Figures [infographic]

It’s the Super Bowl of betting, too

• The biggest advertisers in Super Bowl XLV by category

• Super Bowl XLV: The official website

Links added after the game:

The USA Today Ad Meter results

All 62 Super Bowl XLV ads

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