Agile Development

13 Mar 2019

Best Practices & Benefits of Quality Assurance (QA)

Laura West Posted in: Agile Development, QA, Quality Assurance

Lately all the bees have been talking about a popular buzzword: QA. As you may know, “QA” is the acronym for Quality Assurance. (Every good buzzword needs an acronym, right?) It’s also commonly known as, or related to, Quality Management.

1 Dec 2015

Going Retro: Why Looking Back Can Help Your Team Move Forward

Allison Pankratz Posted in: Agile Development, Consulting, Project Management, SCRUM, Team Building

If you’re an optimist, the best advice always seems to be forward-focused. Set goals for the future. Never look back. Who wants to dwell on the past, right? But after years of working in a team setting in both marketing and technology, I’ve learned the best way to improve is to look back. If you set aside time for you and your team to reflect on what you’ve done together, you will improve personally. So will your projects.